I Dreamed of Sicily (in Photos)

sicily beach

From ancient Greek temples and Baroque churches to idyllic beaches and mountainous rural countryside, Sicily is a destination that begs to be discovered. Whether it’s a day spent at sea or chasing the dust that swirls around the statues and modern day verandas – getting lost in Sicily is all but too inviting. Photo by Andrew […]

50 Fascinating Facts About Spain (INFOGRAPHIC)

Facts About Spain

50 Facts About Spain [Infographic] by the team at Housetrip Feature photo by london  

Reveries and Oysters: A Guide to Oléron, France

guide to oleron france

I wasn’t a huge fan of seafood when I was younger, but a visit to Île d’Oléron changed that. In Oléron I tossed back fresh oysters with just a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of fleur de sel, and ate tiny mussels cooked over fig leaves and pine needles. I even tried giant spider […]

Escape to the Warm, Dreamy Beaches of Malta, a Cultural Gem

malta beaches

After an uncharacteristically mild beginning, winter has finally hit Berlin. It arrived in the middle of the night, cloaking the city in a layer of black ice that would send me skidding down the road (not very stylishly!) during my morning commute. With the days at their dreariest, I’m drawn to warmer places. But while […]

60 Lesser-Known Experiences in Italy (FREE EBook)

sorrento italy

In Italy, every corner possesses a fascinating history and every individual has a story to tell. Did you know that you can find a little Venice in the heart of Bologna, or that Italy’s natural version of pyramids lies in Segonzano? Do you know how to really live like a local in Catania? Charming Italy […]

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