Without Footprints: A Sustainable Journey Through Kerala

kerala bird sanctuary in morning-1

By Jessica Festa “The people of Kerala don’t like barren land. They like to make use of it,” explains Rattan, my Kalypso Adventures guide. “Most people here have at least two spices growing in their garden. They grow crops and decorate their yards with flowers.” We’re currently cycling from Kochi to Thattekkad, a 60-kilometer (37-mile) […]

Black Ink and Red Wine: An Evening with Vo Trinh Bien

Vo Trinh Bien

By Thomas Page Vo Trinh Bien is a busy man, as well he might be. Half artist, half restaurateur, the mixture of business and bohemian lifestyles shouldn’t work, and yet for him it does. He seems at ease as he ushers us in to the New and New Art Cafe on a cool evening in […]

Dancing in Ubud’s Pondok Pekak Library

dancers in ubud

Dancers in Ubud photo via Shutterstock By JJ Fox Acie greeted me as I walked through the door to the Pondok Pekak library, which was hidden behind a football field near Monkey Forest Road. “My name is Atch-ee, not Ay-cee” she said with a grin as she noticed me glancing at the slip of paper […]

Nature and Noodles in Penang

Long fishing pier Penang

By JJ Fox As the rush hour traffic dies down and the city starts to cool off, an aromatic blend of garlic and spices starts to fill the air. Local food stall owners fire up huge woks and chop away at mountains of fresh vegetables while customers take a seat in plastic chairs at their […]

Discovering Nepal in 50 Fascinating Ways

holy sadu men

The idea of Nepal is simply fascinating in itself. Even the most traveled of travelers are often missing the country’s entry stamp on their passport. As one of the most difficult places to get to and one of the least covered nations in the world by the media, Nepal remains an anomaly to most of […]

We Were Wanderers of a Prehistoric Earth: Malaysia (VIDEO)

Malaysia video

This short film, shot by British filmmaker James W. Griffiths and cinematographer Christopher Moon, uncovers the raw beauty  of West Malaysia. The music is by Lennert Busch, the sound design is by Mauricio d’Orey, and the voice of the famed Polish author Joseph Conrad’s words are spoken by Terry Burns.

A Journey Between Tradition And Modernity in Japan (VIDEO)

Japanese School Girl Fondles a Sika Deer in Nara

This evocative short film is the masterpiece of AmnesiArt, a film and fine art photography production company based in France, headed by Ryan Earl and Nick Arcivos. The film captures the very heart of Japan, from Kyoto, the cradle of Japanese tradition, to Tokyo, the symbol of modernism. 

Somewhere in Vietnam (VIDEO)

somewhere in Vietnam

For this incredible video, filmed by Gabriel Menassier, we will let the imagery do the talking…   Somewhere in Vietnam // from Menassier Gabriel ///mg image on Vimeo.