Nature and Noodles in Penang

Long fishing pier Penang

Long Fishing Pier Penang photo via Shutterstock By JJ Fox As the rush hour traffic dies down and the city starts to cool off, an aromatic blend of garlic and spices starts to fill the air. Local food stall owners fire up huge woks and chop away at mountains of fresh vegetables while customers take […]

Around and About Nice, the French Way

Old Town Nice

Proménade des Anglais Photo via Shutterstock By Elizabeth Johnson Nice is both easy and difficult to discover: easy, because a tram runs right through the center of the city; difficult because there is so much more to the city than its center. As a relatively large city in the center of historical, artistic and quaint […]

A Boho Chic Guide to Ibiza

boho chic ibiza

Ibiza openly welcomes all types of visitors: jetsetters, families and clubbers alike. But only few are aware that long before the clubbing boom, Ibiza was a simple island with natural beauty attracting “hippies” and musicians. Rural Ibiza, away from the busy streets, nightclub scene and loud cafés, is pristine and peaceful. The island is blessed […]

The Best Hidden Restaurants Along La Côte d’Azur

Le Tilleul 2

By Elizabeth Johnson French restaurants can be deliciously deceptive, especially for new explorers. Most menus boast similar cuisine, and the country’s brasserie culture—where locals drink apératifs and observe passerby on the patios of every restaurant—presents the illusion that any eatery is both popular and palatable. I have had had the incredible opportunity to spend a […]

Discovering Nepal in 50 Fascinating Ways

holy sadu men

The idea of Nepal is simply fascinating in itself. Even the most traveled of travelers are often missing the country’s entry stamp on their passport. As one of the most difficult places to get to and one of the least covered nations in the world by the media, Nepal remains an anomaly to most of […]

The Sad Facts About Vacation Deprivation Around the World

beach photo

Sunrise on the beach photo via Shutterstock We all know the deal: all work no play, or at least only seven-30 days of play out of 365 (weekends are debatable when it comes to relaxation) depending on where in the world you live. This infographic, created by Expedia, rounds up the facts about vacation time […]