Back To The Wild: A Nostalgic Photo Essay from Etosha National Park


BY SHAZ DE PINTO My earliest memory, or rather my earliest string of memories of Etosha involves one particular year where my parents dragged (maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic here) both me and my sister to Etosha a staggering thirteen times. Yes, you read that right. Thirteen. From Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, the drive to Etosha was roughly […]

9 Awesome Volunteer Based Travel Tour Companies


By Seanna Pratt Travel is an incredibly valuable experience in the way it shapes and enriches our lives. For some, just seeing a new place isn’t enough. For those who not only want to explore the world, but become immersed in local cultures and spend time giving back, we’ve rounded up nine travel tour companies […]

Snippets of Serbia: Cultural Illustrations From a Little Known Land


“Snippets of Serbia” is a cultural illustration series based in Serbia. The illustrations provide fleeting glimpses of the country that, when assembled into their larger context, provide a more holistic view of Serbian life. “Snippets of Serbia” is supported in part by the U.S. Embassy in Serbia, and will culminate in a small published collection. […]