A Taste of Aruba

Aruba Food

Aruba is famously known for its sandy beaches and beautiful resorts. This Caribbean island has been a vacation spot for generations of tourists to relax and play aptly earning its tagline, “One Happy Island”. Besides Aruba’s brewery Balashi and its Aloe factory, the majority of Aruba’s industry is primarily based on tourism which poses the […]

6 Races Worth Running


BY RACHEL WALLACE Sometimes, in order to fit a workout in to a busy schedule, you wind up running on the treadmill like a hamster in its wheel. You might argue that any endorphins are good endorphins, but I think the more interesting the workout, the better. From 5ks to marathons—these scenic and special races […]

Travel Destinations Inspired by Your Favorite Literature


Setting is often key in creating mood, adding color to characters, and grounding readers in an established culture. Whether your favorite read is a pillar of classic literature, a bold travel memoir or a piece of modern fiction, chances are you’ve imagined yourself in the time and place your author builds or describes. So, if […]

Unexpectedly Awesome Spring Break Destinations


  Though the weather outside is frightful for many parts of the country still, it’s finally time to smile again because we’re going on spring break! If you’re anything like me, you have no idea where you want to jet off to; all you know is that you want it to be some place warm […]

Must-See Green Museums

California Academy of Sciences

By Chelsea Stuart We all know that museums are dedicated to the preservation of history, art and culture, but what about the environment? While the answer is usually a resounding ‘no,’ the following institutions are hard at work valuing not only relics of the past, but the future state of earth’s delicate climate. Designed for maximum […]