Traveling with your family

How to Do Family Travel Differently

It’s universally recognized that travel is good for the soul. Not only do you get the chance to unwind and relax, but you also get to participate in cultures outside of your own, providing you with incredible insight and experience.

Traveling with your family and giving them the gift of new perspectives is an invaluable one. Whether you’re a globetrotting clan or just starting to spread your travel wings with your children, there are many innovative ways to do family travel differently. 

From embarking on a family gap year to learning a new language together, or even trying out a multicentre family workcation, these unconventional approaches promise unforgettable experiences and opportunities for personal growth. 

Travel with Other Families

To do family travel differently, coordinating with like-minded families who share your passion for exploration can be a wonderful experience, offering a fresh perspective on the conventional family holiday.  As you explore new destinations together, your children can learn about different cultures and lifestyles, expanding their horizons beyond the familiar. 

Planning a family holiday can be really stressful, especially when the duties fall on one person’s shoulders. There are so many components to consider: What countries or places will you visit? Will you go all-inclusive or not? Are there enough activities to keep the children busy? 

These stresses can be alleviated when you combine families and pool resources. Splitting the work allows for better-planned itineraries, enhanced accommodation options, and a diverse range of perspectives. Sharing responsibilities whilst you’re on the trip, such as meal planning and childcare can also ease the logistical burden, affording parents some well-deserved, child-free relaxation time.

While flexibility is key when travelling with other families, open communication and clear expectations are equally important to ensure a harmonious journey. By embracing shared experiences and forging lasting friendships, this approach to family travel promises a fun and exciting adventure that will be cherished by all involved.

Bring Your Pets 

Integrating your beloved pets into your family’s travel adventures is a unique way to do family travel, making your journeys even more memorable. Travelling with your furry friend allows you to experience destinations from a new perspective. As you look for places that are pet-friendly, whether it’s a charming European city or a scenic camping spot in the wilderness, you are forced to consider elements you wouldn’t usually have to, which can broaden your horizons to new experiences. 

There’s a reason why dogs are known to be man’s best friend; they’re adorable, with a strong sense of loyalty, an endearing innocence in their eyes and an intuition that knows when you need comforting. They become such an integral part of a family dynamic, it’s hard to ever leave them behind. 

Although, as much as we’d all love to take our fluffy sidekicks away with us, it can be overwhelming to think of all the additional things you need to consider when travelling with your pup. Finding accommodation that is dog-friendly and suits your dog’s needs is the first and paw-most issue. 

Accommodation provider Cool Stays has over 1,500 accommodation sites across the UK dedicated to the best dog-friendly options, ranging from hotels to cottages to glamping pods. You are guaranteed to find something to suit your family and your pooch, no matter where in the country you want to travel.

Embracing pet-friendly activities like hikes, beach days, or leisurely strolls through quaint towns can create lasting memories for the entire family, including your furry companions. 

Take a Family Gap Year 

It’s been said many times that to travel is to live. What better way to truly enjoy the gift of life than by taking a year out of your routine to see the world with your loved ones? 

Embarking on a family gap year is a bold and unconventional way to do family travel, offering a transformative experience that goes beyond the typical holiday. This adventurous journey involves taking an extended break from the routine of work and school to explore the world as a family unit. It’s an opportunity to embrace the unknown, immerse your family in diverse cultures, gain a deeper understanding of global perspectives, and create lasting bonds through invaluable shared experiences.

Planning a family gap year requires meticulous preparation, including saving funds, securing necessary visas, and organising educational resources for your children. Homeschooling or enrolling in international schools may also be part of the journey.

Perspective is arguably the most enriching education you can get; travelling certainly offers this in abundance. Whilst it can provide you with some invaluable insights as an adult, exposing children to the wonders of the world can have a profound positive effect on their development, without them even realising it. Although there is a lot of value in a child’s traditional education, there is something truly special about them learning in different environments, engaging in the cultures of others and listening to real-life stories.

Learn a New Language Together 

One exceptional way to do family travel differently is by embarking on a linguistic journey together. It can be a difficult task and can seem really overwhelming when you begin, but a problem shared is a problem halved. You’ll be in it together and can rely on each other to keep one another accountable. 

Start by choosing a language that intrigues your family and is relevant to your travel plans. Then, invest in language learning resources like books, apps, or online courses that cater to all age groups. Create a fun and interactive atmosphere where everyone can practice speaking, whether it’s ordering food at a local restaurant or conversing with native speakers. 

For teenagers especially, it’s important to keep them engaged and the learning interactive; language camps are a brilliant way to do this. Switzerland is particularly renowned for offering exceptional learning camps to youngsters. 

Camp Suisse stands out as an incredible opportunity. Their child-centred approach to experiential learning, combined with an expert team, results in an unforgettable experience and lifelong skills for young people. They’ll leave with a greater understanding of a language and memories to cherish forever. 

Learning a new language as a family not only enhances your travel experience, but also fosters teamwork and patience. 

Try a Multicentre Family Workation

Exploring the concept of a multicentre family workcation is a unique and innovative way to do family travel differently, blending remote work, cultural immersion, and quality family time. In this modern age, where work and life increasingly intertwine, why not embrace the opportunity to work from exciting locations while deepening your family’s cultural experiences?

A multicentre family workcation involves selecting multiple destinations to live and work in for extended periods, allowing you to truly savour the essence of each place. Balancing work responsibilities with leisure, you can explore diverse cultures, taste local cuisine, and engage in activities that enrich your family’s global perspective.

There are a couple of things you will need to consider before embarking on this journey. Ensure you have reliable remote work setups and stable internet connections. Research family-friendly accommodation options and childcare services if needed. Set realistic work hours and make a shared calendar to balance work, cultural exploration, and family bonding. 

By infusing your work with travel, you’ll create a memorable and unconventional family adventure that enables personal and professional growth, strengthens family bonds through shared challenges and achievements, and offers your family a truly remarkable educational experience.


Doing family travel differently is a chance to step outside your comfort zone, open your hearts to diverse cultures, and let curiosity be your compass. So pack your bags, dream big, and set forth on your own unique family adventure.

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