The Best Ways to Explore the Authentic Culture of France

France is a historic country that is often lauded as the height of cultural elegance. With an unparalleled culinary scene, incredible museums and historical sites and countless luxurious experiences, it’s no wonder that France attracts so many visitors. 

But traversing this extensive cultural offering can be overwhelming, which can make planning a trip to France quite the challenge. Should you opt to stay in the cities or explore the bucolic villages in the countryside? Would it be better to go on a cruise down the Seine or tour the county’s verdant vineyards? 

If you’re unsure of the best ways to explore the authentic culture of France, this guide will give you some inspiration and advice for planning your visit. 

Visit French Vineyards

There are several renowned wine regions in France, such as Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, each with its own unique offerings. Exploring the different wine regions of France is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the culture as it is so ingrained within French society. Winemaking in France dates back all the way to the 6th century BC, so immersing yourself in this rich history is both an educational and sumptuous experience. 

Wine regions in France can be very extensive, which makes it hard to explore many in one trip. An efficient way to experience multiple regions and learn more about French wine appellations is on a specific wine tour. This will guide you through many famous vineyards where you can tour the grounds and attend a delectable wine tasting. 

Try Regional Cuisine

French cuisine is perfectly interlaced with local culture and is a massive part of the French identity. The culinary tradition of France has existed for centuries and different regions within the country have their specialities and techniques, influenced by available local ingredients. For instance, Brittany is renowned for its seafood while Normandy is celebrated for its cream, milk and butter. 

Trying the different regional cuisines is an excellent way to explore authentic French culture. It can be experienced in all types of restaurants, whether you prefer cafe culture or fine dining. Cafes in France serve as social settings where people can enjoy a leisurely meal and conversation and are an iconic element of major cities like Paris. 

Alternatively, travellers who prefer upscale gastronomy are spoiled for choice and can enjoy dishes that are not only delicious but crafted with the care and attention that borders on artistry. Dining in France is characterised by multiple-course meals with breaks for conversation and an emphasis on savouring the flavours whilst relishing good company. 

Experience a River Cruise

An excellent way to explore the authentic culture of France is by taking a delightful river cruise. France has many rivers like the Seine and the Rhône, which allow visitors to explore quaint towns as well as bustling cities. Many cruises will also offer cultural activities whilst aboard the ship, such as French lessons and cooking classes which provide a more hands-on travel experience. 

Cruises along the Seine often end or begin in Paris, which allows visitors to experience the cultural wonders of the capital alongside opportunities to dive into hidden gems and riverside towns like Veron. A French river cruise is a leisurely way to explore the country and partake in authentic shore excursions which allows for engagement with local culture, with visits to markets and artisan workshops. 

Alternatively, visitors can cruise along the Loire River and take trips to the marvellous chateaux that dot the region. This allows you to experience the rich history of France and discover stunning landscapes which have given the area the title ‘The Garden of France’.  

Stay in Lavish Accommodations

Other than cruises, a great way to experience the culture of France whilst on holiday is by staying in luxury hotels and spas. There are a myriad of lavish accommodations in France that provide an opulent setting as well as a deep immersion into France’s history and culture.   

Many luxury hotels in France are housed within historic buildings, such as former manors. These magnificent properties are brimming with charm and let visitors experience the very best of French hospitality whilst also gaining insight into the country’s history and architectural culture. Many of these hotels also include a concierge service, which is extremely helpful for exploring authentic culture as you can get top recommendations from an experienced local. 

Another great option for luxury living while in France is to stay in a romantic luxury boutique hotel, which offers a more intimate and personal experience. These hotels tend to emphasise local charm and unique interiors which creates a distinct atmosphere, perfect for culture-minded travellers. 

Cycle Through the Countryside

One of the most immersive ways to experience French culture is by taking a cycling tour through the picturesque countryside. This provides a welcome escape from the raucous cities and provides opportunities to explore delightful villages and idyllic landscapes, which conveys a more authentic view of France. 

There are many scenic routes within France that are perfect for cycling holidays, but none is as stunning as Provence. On a cycling holiday, visitors are blessed with the ability to interact with local communities and engage with French culture in a much more meaningful way. Likewise, as you explore the rolling bike paths you can come across historic sites and attractions which make for delightful detours. 

To elevate your bike tour, consider shopping at local markets for fresh breads and cheeses. Once you’ve gathered some regional staples, jump on your bike and find a serene spot to enjoy a delicious picnic. Indulging in local flavours whilst taking in the beauty of the French countryside is a spectacular experience and allows you to experience local culture on a smaller scale. 

Overall, there are many ways to explore the authentic culture of France that go far beyond a lavish city break. Vineyard tours allow visitors to delve into France’s iconic wine culture and regional delicacies, providing insight into the extensive culinary traditions. 

River cruises and cycling tours through France are an excellent way to explore charming villages and historic sites, culminating in a more genuine experience of local culture. This even extends to luxury hotels and spas in France, which offer opulent facilities and further cultural immersion. 

France is undoubtedly a cultural hotspot, which makes it perfect for a variety of travellers. No matter how you choose to explore the country, you are certain to find authentic experiences in every corner.

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