Culture-ist Humanity Unified

It’s Official: The Culture-ist and Humanity Unified Have Merged

Culture-ist Humanity Unified

You’ve probably heard us talk a lot about a sister site called Humanity Unified on several occasions like in this article or in this one. We are very proud of what the social enterprise is accomplishing, so much so that we decided to make The Culture-ist Humanity Unified’s Community home base for news, ideas and collaborations.

Both organizations are for the Millennial Traveler, Dreamer and Changemaker and both have a higher purpose of creating positive social change. The goal is to unite the two communities and greatly expand our global reach. We will be doing this through brand ambassadors, local hubs and community fundraising projects throughout the world. The Culture-ist will post updates on all the good stuff that is going on with Humanity Unified and will feature changemakers from places near and far who are helping us accomplish our mission.

We know we can’t create change without the help of others, so we’re asking you to join the movement.

We need Millennials from ever corner of the globe to help us fundraise for future projects.

We need leaders who love bringing people together to organize parties, picnics, 5k’s, book clubs, dance parties, yoga classes, lectures and any other fun engaging community gathering imaginable to help us empower vulnerable women, spread love, support sustainable clothing (HU is going 100% sustainable with it’s next collection!) and most importantly to spread awareness on global issues that deserve the attention of people everywhere.

Are you with us!?

Join our Community as a:

Brand Ambassador (photography skills a plus)

Hub Leader

Community Organizer

Graphic Designer

Eco Fashion Fanatic


Social Media Samaritan

Send us a note and let us know how you want to get involved: [email protected]

Thank you!

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