10 Ways to Green Your Halloween


Halloween is a holiday that can sometimes get a bit too dressed up with unnecessary additions like expensive costumes, large sacks of candy that eventually harden and get chucked in the trash around Christmas, and herds of gourds that grow feet of mold and run away in springtime.

We thought it might be cool to just get creative (and a bit resourceful) with your Halloween celebration and try these tips that will make things a bit more heathy and green for you and the planet.


1. Cater your party from a local place that works with organic farmers in the area.

2. Upcycle items in your home to make your costume. (You’ll be surprised with the crazy stuff you’ll come up with.)

3. While you’re upcycling all those badass items you forgot you had from 1980, why not get crazy crafty and MAKE decorations from items you already have?

4. Yep, you guessed it! We are going to tell you to MAKE healthy treats for family and close friends you’re celebrating Halloween with.

5. Go creepy and dark (and green) after twilight by only using candles for light. Who knows, you may even get Edward Cullen to stop by for a trick-or-treat 😉

6.Use reusable bags to collect candy during your march around local neighborhoods.

7. Save all the wrappers from your candy and MAKE jewelry and accessories you can use for years to come.

8. Compost your pumpkins. You can chop the little (or big) suckers up and use as compost or bring to a local composting spot (Whole Foods offers compost bins at their locations).

9. Better yet, eat your pumpkin if he’s still healthy and free of paint.

10. Instead of watching scary movies, pull the plug on the TV and tell ghoulish stories, read frightening books or go real ole school and play manhunt.

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