Americans Have the Weirdest Habits of Any Culture in the World (INFOGRAPHIC)

weird americans

In the study, “The Weirdest People in the World,” behavioral scientists from the University of British Columbia in Canada rebut the traditional scientific theory that all humans have similar psychological traits. It turned out that Americans are somewhat isolated in liking the idea of getting the bigger slice of the pie, a trait frowned upon in […]

Conflict Palm Oil: How Your Candy May Contribute to Modern Slavery, Climate Change and Orangutan Extinction

conflict palm oil plantation

By Gemma Tillack, Senior Forest Campaigner for Rainforest Action Network It’s hard to believe that chocolate rabbits can kill orangutans, but a common ingredient in America’s candies is doing exactly that, and worse. Much of the candy you consume contains palm oil that may be linked to child labor, modern slavery, land grabs, rainforest destruction, […]

Evensong in Oxford

Outside of New College chapel Oxford

Margaret Barthel In the evening, Oxford takes an elongated collective breath. Its pulse, frenetic during the day–the direct result of being home to 22,000 busy undergraduate and graduate students–slows. The bells of the college chapels and cathedrals toll to signal the beginning of evensong, a short sung liturgy that has been performed in dim chapels […]

Coffee Plantations, Spice Gardens and Farms: 8 Eco-Luxe Agritourism Stays

Coffee Plantations, Spice Gardens and Farms: 8 Eco-Luxe Agritourism Stays

By Ariana Chomitz Sip Darjeeling grown minutes from your breakfast table, brush the dirt from a garden snack, and feel the solar energy that powers your villa sink into your skin.  These tactile details are the simple luxuries that you might find when you skip a typical hotel experience and opt for a farm stay […]

Say Moo! Raw Milk Vending Machines are Hitting European Streets


By Aimee Millwood Attention to all you raw foodies out there. Now, you can get your raw milk fix straight from a vending machine. Self-service raw milk vending machines are all the rage in Europe right now, with countries like Italy, France, Austria, Croatia, the Netherlands, and Switzerland filling their bottles with the nutrient-packed milk. Even […]

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