The Best Day Trips From San Francisco (And a Travel Giveaway)

best day trips from san francisco

Sonoma vineyard photo via Shutterstock Most of us know that San Francisco is one of the coolest cities in the U.S., but during the summer it’s always fun to jet off for a weekend and enjoy the laid-back vibe of the open countryside, beaches and  parks that surround the city. During the month of August, […]

6 Must-Have Travel Apps

travel app

Smartphone photo via Shutterstock By Aimee Millwood All you tech-savvy travelers know there are plenty of apps out that can help ease the logistical troubles of wanderlusting. But with so many apps on the market, which will actually help you with the obstacles travelers run into most? Never fear, our traveling team has compiled their […]

Being Bobo Near Canal Saint Martin

Canal Saint Martin

BY CHELSEA BOORMAN It had only taken a week of living in Paris to hear the term bobo and to learn about the existence of the canals. I soon discovered that the two went hand in hand; Canal Saint Martin may as well have been the birthplace of French bobo. A far cry from the […]

It’s Legal: Marijuana Coffee Comes to Washington

marijuana coffee comes to washington state

By Diana Smith This month the state of Washington expects to open its retail marijuana shops, and in a state known for its coffee, it only makes sense that there is a new line of caffeinated cannabis drinks waiting to hit shelves. Mirth Provisions, the beverage company that declares to “establish unprecedented chillness, promote widespread […]