10 Universities with Great Environmental Programs

mit campus

Environmental sustainability is one of the biggest issues of the 21st century.  With growing concern over the effects of Climate Change, universities are offering more environmental programs to complement the increasing number of jobs in this sector. These post secondary institutions are offering some of the best programs around.   Featured image MIT campus via Shutterstock […]

15 Frightening Facts About Climate Change

rising seas

Climate change is the most impactful issue of our time, affecting the survival of both humans and all other life forms on Earth. Here are just a few of the consequences we’re already seeing from humanity’s heavy footprint. Feature image rising seas via Shutterstock

5 Places to Buy a Tiny Home


By Seanna Pratt Recently, tiny homes have become a hot topic among the conversation of sustainable housing alternatives – and for good reason. These small living accommodations are a more efficient, more affordable substitute to large the modern-day home. Typically tiny homes are less than a thousand square feet, most commonly ranging between 100-400 square […]

Watch This Awesome Animation Video on Vertical Farming

video on vertical farming

In this brilliant video on vertical farming, Columbia professor Dickson Despommier imagines filling New York’s skyscrapers with greenhouses brimming with healthful produce. With 8 million people to feed and a growing threat of food security due to climate change, we think he’s on to something.

How the LOHAS Consumer is Changing the World of Fashion for the Better


Francesca Romana Rinaldi, co-author with Salvo Testa of “The Responsible Fashion Company”, dives into the many issues that stand as barriers to a more sustainable fashion industry. Fashion and food have many things in common, not just their initial letter. For example the agricultural origin of the raw materials: cotton, hemp and flax are classified […]

Girl in a Tree: Another Precious Forest Falls to Build an American Strip Mall (VIDEO)

sign stop cutting trees

Chiara D’Angelo’s courageous tree-sit inspired members of the Bainbridge Island community to create this humorous, but powerful video to rally residents to protest the construction of a commercial shopping center. Unfortunately, the trees have been removed, but the community is still petitioning to stop the national chain stores from moving in and instead allow buildings and spaces such as […]

The Most Awesome Signs From the People’s Climate March NYC

peoples climate march nyc flyer walk the walk

  Yesterday, more than 400,000 people showed up for The People’s Climate March in NYC in lieu of the UN Climate Summit  scheduled to take place on September 23. Approximately 1,500 organizations and 50,000 students traveled to NYC for this historic mobilization. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jane Goodall, Vandana Shiva and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and former […]