The Oldest Living Things on Earth (VIDEO)

oldest living things on earth

In this TedTalk, Rachel Sussman an artist and photographer, discusses the data she’s collected from an ongoing project that seeks to identify some of the oldest living things on Earth — from 2,000-year-old brain coral off Tobago’s coast to an “underground forest” in South Africa that has lived since before the dawn of agriculture. She […]

See How Climate Change is Frying the Area Where You Live

climate change map

This interactive climate change map on New Scientist shows how average temperatures in specific locations all around the world have changed over the past 120. As you can see, New York is getting its fair share of heated results from greenhouse emissions: Check out how the region you live in is being affected here.

Gorgeous Sustainable Prefab Homes Built From…Straw Bale?

Modcell straw bale prefab home

A company in the UK called ModCell, has taken an innovative approach that merges straw bale construction with prefabricated panels, creating a beautiful, energy-efficient, sustainable prefab home. The homes are not suitable for every climate, but if the circumstances are right the homes are air-tight, mold resistant and incredibly insulated…Continue reading…  

Tiny Homes Show that Bigger Isn’t Always Better


By Daphne Auza A large – but small – movement is rapidly making its way across the United States and elsewhere around the world: tiny, eco-friendly houses. As the population rises, the cost of having a home has not only depleted people’s wallets but also the Earth’s natural resources. The relationship between space and environmental […]

6 Green Homes Around the World that are Architecturally Stunning

6 Green Homes Around the World that are Architecturally Stunning

These magnificent green homes are designed using brilliant architecture that blends seamlessly with the natural environment. Features such as rainwater collection, photovoltaic solar power, evaporative cooling and the use of local, natural materials maximize efficiency and sustainability. Check out each of the six homes here.

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