California’s Dying Sea in the Desert


Picnic Table Photo via Shutterstock By Diana Smith Fifty miles south from the resorts of Palms Springs, on the edge of civilization, in the stillness of the California desert, there lies a sea. A sea that is home to thousands of skeletons. Skeletons of fish and of birds, of boats and cars, of palm trees, furniture, […]

10 Makeup and Beauty Care Items Every Health Savvy Girl Should Have

Natural makeup

  Makeup image via Shutterstock By Amalissa Uytingco Going green does not only refer to recycling and energy or water conservation. All over the world, emerging companies are applying the “green” philosophy to cosmetics, aiming to create environmentally friendly product lines that promote the use of natural ingredients. However, with the extensive range of companies […]

Ford and Heinz Team Up to Make New Eco-Car From Tomato Skins

Ford Heinz Tomato Car

Ford Motor Co. and the H.J. Heinz Co., the Pittsburgh-based ketchup maker are teaming up on research to turn tomato skins into auto parts. According to a joint news release, scientists at both companies believe they can use tomato fibers to manufacture composite materials used for wiring brackets, or storage  bins in cars instead of […]

While Congress Continues to Blow Hot Air, States Step Up to Combat Climate Change

pollution versus clean energy photo

Pollution and clean energy photo via Shutterstock By Margaret Barthel The outlook on climate change is pretty gloomy: there’s the National Climate Assessment study that warned of impending greenhouse-gas driven disaster in the US. Then there’s the recent fervor over sea-level rise affecting iconic national monuments. And, as always, the clincher is the fact that some […]

Beauty Products: Now with Effects Much More than Skin Deep

chemicals in skincare

Young woman looking at skin photo via Shutterstock By Margaret Barthel Personally, I’ve never been much of a make-up girl. I’ve enjoyed putting the occasional dash of eyeshadow or swipe of lip gloss on to make things feel just that much more festive, but it’s only been since I started a full time job a few […]

Why Drilling in the Arctic Could Kill the Planet

arctic drilling climate change

Polar Bear on Floating Ice Photo via Shutterstock As the planet warms, the Arctic is melting at an unprecedented rate. Huge dark blue lakes that were once massive ice coverings now pool all throughout the Arctic landscape, sucking in the earth’s heat instead of reflecting and protecting it as it once did before global industrialization. […]

30 Ways to Live Greener

ways to live greener

Penne Pasta with Veggies Photo via Shutterstock Who knew living more sustainably could be an easy undertaking with just a few lifestyle adjustments? This articles contains a feasible list of ways to live greener, which will not only contribute to your well-being, but the well-being of the planet and all who live on it. Curated […]