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8 Zero Waste Grocery Stores from Around the World

Sustainable initiatives are sweeping grocery stores worldwide, with the aim to zap excess food and packaging into zero waste. Check out these examples as beacons of home for the food industry worldwide.

8 Zero Waste Grocery Stores From Around the World

By The Culture-ist

Sustainable initiatives are sweeping grocery stores worldwide, with the aim to zap excess food and packaging into zero waste.

  • Original Unverpackt

    By The Culture-ist

    As part of the precycling initiative of this Berlin supermarket, customers are invited to bring their own bags, boxes and reusable containers to eliminate packaging and reduce waste.

  • Biosphäre

    By The Culture-ist

    Another German shop, this social, non-profit organic shop offers cleaning products and bulk food sans packaging. All products are high quality and organic and locally sourced where possible.

  • Effecorta

    By The Culture-ist

    This Italian zero-waste shop has a flagship at Capannori, as well as locations in Milan and Prato.

  • Granel

    By The Culture-ist

    Granel, operating under the model of buying just what you need, specializes in assortments of cereal, dry fruit, spices, pasta, rice, oil, and more in bulk. 

  • Lunzers Maß-Greißlerei

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    Vienna's first zero-waste grocery shop is driven by the concept of providing food without unnecessary waste and in desired amounts for customers.

  • in.gredients

    By The Culture-ist

    A grocery store in scope and  corner store in scale, this microgrocer in Austin, TX is a collaborative effort between commerce, community and consumers with the aim of eliminating waste.

  • Strictly Bulk

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    Toronto's bulk food emporium runs under the motto "because you don't eat packaging". The natural and organic retailer carries foods found in traditional grocery stores without the cost of packaging.

  • Greens Organic & Natural Market

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    Independently owned and operated by UBC alumni under a vision of creating a community oriented, Greens is a grocery store committed to zero-waste, buying local and offering the freshest organic foods.


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