5 Places to Buy a Tiny Home

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By Seanna Pratt

Recently, tiny homes have become a hot topic among the conversation of sustainable housing alternatives – and for good reason. These small living accommodations are a more efficient, more affordable substitute to large the modern-day home.

Typically tiny homes are less than a thousand square feet, most commonly ranging between 100-400 square feet. Not only are there many interesting and innovative layouts, but there are plenty of places to purchase a tiny home. Check out our roundup of locations below.

 Toronto, Canada

I think it’s a good idea to start with Toronto because a common notion (one I also thought to be true) is that tiny homes are usually found in rural areas. The city’s “Tiny Town,” located on Craven Road, is a cozy community of tiny homes all under 500 square feet. The Huffington Post reports that people living in the community become “instant friends” upon moving in. It seems that what is lost in living space here is gained in friendships.

Cabot, VT

For some, owning an efficient home is simply not enough. At Headwaters Garden & Learning Center, residents dwell in an eco-village that welcomes tiny houses. They do shared work at all levels of the community from tending to the land and upkeep of the neighborhoods to initiatives that support the global community. Residents seek to strengthen the relationship between humanity and Earth through sustainable practices that build the healthiest environment possible..

alpine tiny homes

BC, Canada

Some people prefer a more natural environment sans an abundance of neighbors other than a handful of birds, deer, and chipmunk. If this fits your bill, then Langley, British Columbia may be your spot. The Alpine Homes community offers beautiful new construction  homes on wheels in a pristine setting. Each tiny home comes with a 4′ x 7′ washroom; a neo round Maax full size shower and toilet your choice (compost, rv or home style) and a fully functional kitchen.

Langley, Wash.

Langley is home to the first tiny home neighborhood, which is comprised of unique and adorable cottage-style homes. All are about 650 square feet and situated around a community garden. Community is a large part of this neighborhood with setups such as a communal mailbox cluster and a parking lot separate from where homes are located to encourage interaction between residents.

Sonoma County, Northern Calif.

Sadly, this tiny home village is not quite up and running yet, but it is absolutely worth mentioning. Sonoma County’s zoning department is on board with the idea, and it will be zoned as an R.V. park – a.k.a. — tiny homes on wheels (an advantage for those with nomadic hearts). They plan on allowing 40-70 tiny homes, each up to 400 square feet, with access to amenities like a common house, private gardens, 1.5 parking spaces per house, shared outdoor space, and private storage units. The proposed opening is set for 2015.


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