mt rainer

Climbing New Heights with Ford Fiesta

mt rainer

As fall approaches, what better way to embrace the breathtaking foliage and crisp weather than to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Cruising along the open road to a spot in the wilderness can be liberating amidst the constant connectivity and stimulation of a modernized world. So why not explore the path of adventure this fall and traverse your way into the season on these exhilarating climbs?:

Longs Peak, CO

Mount Haleakala, HI

Mount Washington, NH

Mount Shasta, CA

Mount Washington, NH

Mount Rainier, WA

Denali, Alaska

In honor of the spirit of adventure, Ford gave 100 YouTube personalities a Ford Fiesta for the year, and each month these “agents” are challenged to a mission, which they document and share on YouTube. The project is helping spread awareness and excitement about these missions and agents who are well-prepared for anything thrown at them ““ no matter how adventurous, insane or challenging.

The “Decimal Brothers,” two agents that were given a 2014 Fiesta went on a mission to climb the Rocky Mountains. According to the brothers, “It was magical, exhausting, and exhaustingly magical.” Check out the video for a glimpse of their adventure.

Photo by Alaskan Dude

**This post was made possible by Ford Fiesta

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