rumi quote stop acting so small

Stop Acting so Small

rumi quote stop acting so small


Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. ~ Rumi


What is it about the circumstances of life that makes us feel so small? What I mean by “small” is the belief that we are not good enough, strong enough, powerful enough to seek the things we want most. Some of us lack the most vital human necessity: Love. Yet we are too afraid to seek it or open our hearts to it because we feel small inside. Others sit in a job that makes their head hurt, their heart panic and their stomach ache, yet fear keeps them from finding a career that is fluid, fulfilling and purposeful. Then there are people who fear mostly anything new or foreign because they lack the self-love, knowing and trust that is required to live a fulfilling life.

I love how Rumi points out that we “are the universe in ecstatic motion”. Each of us is comprised of the same atoms that make up this vast, powerful enigmatic universe – we are the cosmos – and I believe we all hold the power in us to do so much more than we ever dreamed we could.

So I ask you today: What is holding you back? Any healing process starts with fostering self-love – go there, look inside and find what it is that makes you feel small. When you find the demons, acknowledge them, forgive them and let them go. Begin to allow good, positive people into you life and allow yourself to trust,  to be vulnerable and to open your heart. See yourself as worthy as having a beautiful life filled with breathtaking moments. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.


Photo: Anthony Russo

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