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Poems for Humanity: Let Go

Is the dream you dream yours

Or is it a product you bought because they told you you’ll soar?

Do you wake up clenching and in pain

Because that dream you dream is really in vain?

What is it that you want?

Dig. Reach in. Close your eyes.

Are your intentions pure, your heart warm and free?

Or do you fold under the pressure of what they want you to be?

All the fame for what?

Some Likes on social media and a few bucks?

Your heart is shouting, your mind racing with fear

Peel back the layers and everything you need is here.

It’s quiet and it’s still and it’s been calling to you

She’s been there always

Waiting patiently for you to find her. Waiting for you to be still. Waiting for your heart to feel the silent sirens

And say, “Yes, I will.”

You awaken and you feel it

The answers are there

Will you listen

Or will you drown out the whispers and remain in the master’s lair?


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Photo: Anthony Russo







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