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66 Instagram Accounts for Food Lovers to Check Out

66 Instagram Accounts for Food Lovers to Check Out

instagram food photos

This post comes courtesy of Danielle Nierenberg of Food Tank: The Food Think Tank

One of the fastest-growing and most powerful emerging social media networks is Instagram. The photo and video sharing site now has 150 million active users who are uploading an astonishing 55 million photos a day. (To follow Food Tank on Instagram, click here.)

And while celebrities use Instagram to show off their latest outfits or connect with fans, many organizations are using the network to create awareness, spur action, and make positive change in the food and agriculture system.

True Food Kitchen, for example, is highlighting healthy and seasonal food, like this farm fresh salad.

Food and Water Watch uses Instagram to compel viewers to take charge of where their food comes and ensure access to safe, clean water.

And Grist utilizes the network to share green news with a touch of humor.

Today, Food Tank is highlighting 66 Instagram accounts we think are helping cultivate a better food system:

1. Adam Goldberg – @alifewortheating
A jetsetters’ guide to food, A Life Worth Eating showcases meals from across the globe.

2. Alice Waters – @alicelouisewaters
The queen of California cuisine, Alice Waters is the Vice President of Slow Food International and owner of acclaimed locavore restaurant, Chez Panisse, in Berkeley, CA.

3. Anthony Bourdain – @anthonybourdain
Bourdain brings his Instagram audience along with him through stories of world travels and his insights on food.

4. Barton Seaver – @bartonseaver
Chef, author, educator, and advocate, Seaver has seen almost every side of the food system. He has a particular passion for sustainable seafood.

5. Bill Telepan – @billtelepan
A Culinary Institute of America-trained chef, Telepan has used his restaurants to highlight sustainability, and also works to reform the New York City school lunch program.

6. Carey Nershi – @careynotcarrie
A personal Instagram portraying the quiet, rustic life on a farm – complete with cats!

7. Charity: Water – @charitywater
Inspirational photos tracking the progress of Charity Water’s efforts to bring safe drinking water to those without access.

8. Conservation International – @conservationorg
Founded in 1987, Conservation International examines the relationship between economic development and conservation. The organization researches issues ranging from climate change to food and water.

9. Cool Foods Campaign – @coolfoodscampaign
The name says it all! Artistic shots of cool foods – cool meaning reducing climate change, of course.

10. ECHO – @echofightshunger
ECHO works towards sustainable solutions to hunger. Relatively new to Instagram, watch out for lots of beautiful farm pics from them!

11. EcoWaste – @ecowasteuae
A new regional platform for the sustainable waste management and recycling sector. Holding their first conference in Abu Dhabi this January, keep an eye on them!

12. Edible San Francisco – @ediblesf
Edible San Francisco frequently posts on Instagram with tons of photos of tasty looking meals with ingredients listed in the captions.

13. Edible Schoolyard – @esynyc
Edible Schoolyard is dedicated to incorporating food education and school gardens around the country. It’s hard not to be a fan of the initiative’s mission to provide every student with a free, organic, and nutritious school lunch.

14. Equal Exchange – @EqualExchange
Equal Exchange’s Instagram shows pictures of the businesses, products and people involved in Equal Exchange Fair Trade cooperatives.

15. Foodimentary – @Foodimentary
Celebrate the joy of food every day with John Bryan Hopkin’s Instagram.

16. Food Day – @food_day
Food Day’s Instagram has great pictures of events and activities that promote sustainable food and agriculture, from food tastings to envelope stuffing!

17. Food Recovery Network – @foodrecovery
Food Recovery Network unites students at colleges and universities to fight food waste and hunger by recovering surplus perishable food from their campuses and surrounding communities that would otherwise go to waste and donating it to people in need.

18. Food Revolution – @foodrev
Food Revolution Day is Jamie Oliver’s project “educating, empowering and inspiring people everywhere to stand up for real food.”

19. Food & Water Watch – @foodandwaterwatch
Food & Water Watch focuses on ensuring that all food and water is safe, accessible, and sustainably produced. This initiative works to hold policymakers accountable and to inform people about issues related to food and water.

20. Good Eggs, Inc. – @goodeggsinc
Good Eggs, Inc. runs a delivery service for sustainable food in four different locations. Their Instagram depicts beautifully plated, seasonal foods, and highlights unique varieties.

21. Good Food Finder – @goodfoodfinder
Good Food Finder is a directory of local farmers and food artisans in Arizona. Good Food Finder’s Instagram highlights the work of the farmers they represent as well as some of the humorous sides of food and food activism.

22. Good Food Jobs – @goodfoodjobs
Sweeping farmscapes, rooftop city views, glimpses inside of wood burning ovens – Good Food Jobs does a pretty good job reminding their Instagram followers just how beautiful food systems can be!

23. Green City Market – @greencitymarket
From green corn to a video of freshly shelled pecans, Chicago’s only year-round market highlights their many products on Instagram.

24. Green Grocer DC – @greengrocerdc
Green Grocer DC runs a modified CSA, and uses its Instagram to take well-structured photos of their weekly boxes, as well as pictures from around the farm.

25. Grist – @grist
Grist, the self-described “Beacon in the Smog,” reports on food and environmental issues with a humorous twist.

26. Half the Sky – @halftheskymovement
Half the Sky is a movement aiming to lift women out of all forms of oppression. Check out their Instagram for powerful quotes from leaders in gender equality.

27. Heifer International – @heiferinternational
Through gifts of livestock, seeds, and training, Heifer International works to alleviate poverty by providing individuals with the necessary tools to succeed, and regularly posts about its many success stories.

28. HuffPost Food – @HuffpostFood
The Huffington Post’s Food page is a behind the scenes encounter with picture of exclusive food tastings and cook books.

29. HuffPost Green – @Huffpostgreen
The Huffington Post’s Green section has interesting and sometimes entertaining stories on the environment, and posts both adorable and beautiful pictures on Instagram highlighting environmental issues.

30. Inner City Farms-  @Innercityfarms
An urban farm started by a group of friends in Vancouver regularly posts beautiful pictures showing life on the farm!

31. Jamie Oliver – @jamieoliver
Oliver is an acclaimed television personality and chef, but is also a serious food activist. His efforts helped overhaul Britain’s school lunch program, and he has continued to advocate for a healthier food system through the Jamie Oliver Foundation.

32. John Besh – @chefjohnbesh
Owner of nine restaurants, Besh is a food icon who is dedicated to preserving the culinary heritage of New Orleans through scholarships and loans to small farmers.

33. Jonathan Bloom – @WastedFood
Bloom is the author of American Wasteland, an insightful book about food waste in America. His blog Wasted Food is another medium for his interest in food waste and his Instagram often features images of “ugly” food.

34. José Andrés – @chefjoseandres
Andrés is the President of ThinkFoodGroup and founder of World Central Kitchen. Not only a critically acclaimed chef, he is a leader in combating global hunger one plate at a time.

35. Josh Treuhaft – @Thetreuhaft
Josh Treuhaft is a designer and an environmentalist, taking stunning photos of his family’s compost. A beautiful take on repurposed food!

36. Kat Kinsman – @katkinsman
Managing editor of CNN’s Eatocracy, Kinsman’s Instagram conveys her commitment to sustainable food with a sense of humor.

37. Kiva – @kiva_microloans
Kiva runs a micro-loan business, where individuals can lend as little as US$25 and make a big impact on small business owners in developing countries. Their Instagram highlights the work that they are doing, showing recipients of loans – and those in need of one – around the globe.

38. Leon Kaye – @greengopost
Leon Kaye writes on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Guardian Sustainable Business, Sustainable Brands, and Triple Pundit, and is the Founder and Editor of GreenGoPost.

39. Marc Vetri – @marcvetri
Vetri has worked to reform school lunches and educate children about healthy eating in Philadelphia, while also working as a James Beard Award-winning chef.

40. Marcus Samuelsson – @MarcusCooks
An Ethiopian-born, Swedish-raised, made-in-America chef, Samuelsson doesn’t fit neatly into one box. His flagship restaurant, Red Rooster, is in the heart of Harlem, but reflects Samuelsson’s international background. He is also the founder ofFood Republic, a website that explores the culture of food.

41. Matthew Jennings – @matthewjennings
Matthew Jennings is “a two-time finalist for the prestigious James Beard Foundation ‘Best Chef Northeast’ award, has been named one of America’s ‘Most Sustainable Chefs’ and was selected as one of Food & Wine Magazine’s ‘Big thinkers, changing the way Americans eat.’” His Instagram photos are sure to delight – as long as you like meat!

42. Modern Farmer – @ModFarm
The Modern Farmer Instagram complements their stylish website and image-laden articles, providing a wide variety of pictures depicting farming in the 21st century.

43. National Geographic – @natgeo
National Geographic Instagram reminds us of the cultures and creatures that local and sustainable food systems aim to preserve.

44. No Kid Hungry – @nokidhungry
No Kid Hungry focuses on child hunger in the U.S., and the organization’s own efforts to end child hunger. They use their Instagram to share events, infographics and moving posters.

45. Nom Yourself – @NomYourself
Nom Yourself is an Instagram dedicated to vegan eating; a very impressive repertoire for one ambitious cook.

46. Oceana – @oceana
Oceana is an organization dedicated to oceanic conservation, protesting offshore drilling, pollution and unsustainable fishing. Their Instagram highlights the beautiful creatures and oceanscapes that it hopes to protect.

47. ONE Campaign – @onecampaign
ONE Campaign’s three million members are a united voice for ending extreme poverty. Instagram pictures are of facts, inspiring quotes, and documentation of ONE Campaign’s advocacy efforts.

48. Oxfam International – @oxfamgb and @oxfamamerica
Oxfam has different Instagrams based on location – pick the place most relevant to you! The most trafficked ones are Great Britain and America, tracking Oxfam’s international work.

49. Real Food Challenge – @realfoodnow
The Real Food Challenge aims to harness the power of students to make an impact on the food system, one college campus at a time.

50. Real Food Daily – @OfficialRFD
Real Food Daily is a restaurant in LA; their Instagram shows off some of the beautiful vegan organic plates that they serve.

51. Sam Fromartz – @fromartz
Fromartz is the co-founder and editor of the Food and Environment Reporting Network. His focuse on food images, with a plethora of beautiful pictures of bread, as he is currently working on a book on grains, bakers, and bread.

52. Sierra Club – @sierraclub
Sierra Club uses their Instagram to document advocacy and fundraising events, as well as highlight the beauty of nature.

53. Slow Food NYC – @SlowFoodnyc
Slow Food is focused on building a better food system through supporting food that is not only good for people, but the planet as well. Slow Food NYC is one of the largest Instagram accounts – be sure to follow your local chapter!

54. Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture – @stonebarns
Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture is a nonprofit farm and education center, and their Instagram tracks the various events happening at the farm.

55. The Nature Conservancy – @nature_org
Featuring striking images of nature paired with inspirational quotes, The Nature Conservancy’s Instagram is a motivator for environmental conservation.

56. Tree Hugger – @treehuggerdotcom
“TreeHugger is the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.” Their website aims to be a “one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information,“ and this mission is reflected in their Instagram photos.

57. True Food Kitchen – @true_food_kitchen
A restaurant founded by alternative medicine guru, Dr. Andrew Wiel frequently posts pictures of the healthy, seasonal plates that they serve.

58. Tucker Taylor – @farmert
Tucker Taylor is a self-proclaimed “culinary gardener,” but we think he’s also got some amateur photographer in him as well. His Instagram features beautiful close ups of fruits, veggies, and flowers from around the farm.

59. U.N. Development Programme – @UNDP_
The UNDP Instagram account offers a wealth of examples of empowerment across the globe. There are many photos of smallholder farmers helping to feed the world!

60. U.N. Foundation – @unfoundation
The United Nation Foundation’s Instagram highlights the varied work of the UN Foundation, from pictures of fundraising events to portraits of leaders in International Development.

61. Urban Adamah – @urbanadamah
Urban Adamah is an educational farm in Berkeley California that incorporates Jewish tradition with sustainable agriculture and sustainable community, and does a great job of documenting their work on Instagram!

62. Urban Farm Magazine – @urbanfarmmag
Urban Farm Magazine provides all types of support for urban farmers. They Instagram pictures from around the farm, including some pretty wild looking chickens!

63. World Food Program USA – @wfpusa
The World Food Program USA strives to create access to food for everyone in need. Their Instagram uses pictures as well as videos to showcase their efforts, and create awareness of areas in need.

64. World Health Organization – @WorldHealthOrganization
This Instagram documents meetings, fundraising and advocacy events, keeping you in the loop about what’s going on at the World Health Organization.

65. Yonder Way Farm – @YonderWayFarmer
Pictures of family life on the farm from Farmer Jason of Yonder Way Farm in Texas.

66. Young Farmers’ Coalition – @youngfarmers
The Young Farmers’ Coalition Instagram features pictures of young farmers all across the country empowering each other and encouraging other young people to join them in farming.


Food Tank: The Food Think Tank, founded by Danielle Nierenberg and Ellen Gustafson, is a think tank focused on feeding the world better. We research and highlight environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable ways of alleviating hunger, obesity and poverty and create networks of people, organizations, and content to push for food system change.


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