Cultures and Landscapes of Southern India

Cultures and Landscapes of Southern India, a Stunning Photo Essay

Fishing Tradition Kerala

fishing nets kovalam

Fishing is also something that remains a respected tradition in areas such as Kovalam. The fishermen here rise early every day to prepare their nets and head out to sea to catch the day’s breakfast. The fish are used to sell at both the markets and nearby restaurants that line the beach. Watching the men fish in this particular way is quite fascinating; their hands-on approach is the antithesis of commercial fishing methods.

Veg Biryani Kerala

While I didn’t eat very much fish while I was there, the second of my beloved southern cuisine is another vegetarian dish: veg biryani. This rice dish is traditionally served as a huge mound on plate. Hidden beneath the abundance of freshly cooked, seasoned rice are chunks of sautéed vegetables like potato, carrots and onions abound in the middle. Flavors from saffron, coriander and mint mingle with biryani masala in this mildly spicy dish that glitters with oil. I usually devoured the heaping serving of home-cooked comfort food almost instantly. This traditional, authentic Kerala meal of giant proportion costs about 60R (less than 2USD) at local eateries in Kerala.


Munnar Scenery

Perhaps the place that reminded me most of my home country, Canada, was Munnar because of its wonderful fresh air and natural scenery. Plenty of lush, green hills and areas to walk for hours, this city is actually known for its tea plantations. But you don’t need to be a tea connoisseur to take advantage of its natural beauty; simply spending time relaxing in the cool air is worth it.

This only begins to cover the very tip of the palm tree when it comes to exploring the cultures and landscapes of southern India. In a country as vast as it is colorful, India begs to be discovered. The country’s slogan, “Incredible India” has merit; there is so much to experience in this beautiful land.


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