Could This Bamboo House Help Communities Survive Floods?

bamboo house flooding


Built with bamboo and coconut leaves, this affordable home is not only attractive, but is also disaster resistant. While it is currently in the testing stages, Vietnamese H&P Architects designed this house to survive floods.


Integrating disaster resistance along with local building traditions, we were impressed with Vietnamese H&P Architects’ design for an affordable bamboo house that floats when it floods, earlier this year. A real-life prototype of the modular design has since been constructed, using locally abundant materials like bamboo and coconut leaf, along with more engineered stuff like fiberboard.

Seen over at Designboom and intended to withstand floods of up to 1.5 meters (4.9 feet), the 3.3 by 6.6 meter (10.8 by 21.6 feet) module can be put together within 25 days and little technical know-how, using a variety of simple fastening techniques like bolting and binding. The cladding can be specified and varied according to local conditions and requirements, while the interior is designed as a multifunctional space, depending on the users’ needs.

The built structure is beautifully minimal yet flexible and well-conceived; inspired by traditional Vietnamese building techniques, the roof’s articulating shutters are quite impressive indeed”….Continue Reading

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Photos via H&P Architects

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