Cuba’s Most Dangerous Blogger

Yoani Sanchez


Named one of the world’s most influential people, blogger and journalist Yoani Sanchez journeys through her world tour criticizing her home country of Cuba. What started out as a blog in 2004 (and later a magazine), turned into an international sensation after Sanchez openly criticized Cuba’s communist government and Fidel Castro’s regime. Despite the danger such a tour embodies, she fights on for a free Cuba.


Yoani Sánchez hurries through the United Nations headquarters, her long hair  swinging around her waist. Wearing dangly earrings and no makeup, she has the  look of a 1960s flower child. But she’s far from mellow. One of the world’s most  influential bloggers, she’s in New York City as part of a risky 12-nation tour,  openly criticizing the communist regime in Cuba, where she lives. In her  country, that kind of talk can get a person jailed.

A day ago she was on Capitol Hill. Tonight she heads to Amsterdam. Now she  makes her way across the labyrinthine U.N. compound for a speech. “I want to  talk about the real Cuba,” she says in Spanish through a translator. “Not what  you read in magazines, where it’s an island where everybody drinks rum or  everyone is in military fatigues.”…Continue Reading

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