saudi arabia domestic violence psa

No More Abuse: Saudi Arabia’s New Anti-Domestic Violence Campaign

saudi arabia domestic violence psa


A new campaign encourages women in Saudi Arabia to speak out against violence. The No More Abuse Campaign is King Abdullah’s first step to create gender equality in his kingdom. This anti-violence initiative encourages women to step forward with reports of violence and abuse. In a nation that falls 131 out 148 countries for gender equality, this is the first positive step towards a promising future for women‘s rights in Saudi Arabia.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will reportedly see its first-ever anti-domestic violence advertisement, which is intended to encourage women to report abuse.

The ad is part of the No More Abuse campaign, begun by the country’s King Khalid Foundation.

According to the No More Abuse site, “The phenomenon of battered women in Saudi Arabia is much greater than is apparent on the surface,” it says. “It is a phenomenon found in the dark. We want to achieve justice for all women and children exposed to abuse in all parts of the Kingdom.”

It’s a watershed moment for the nation, which is known for its gender inequalities. According to Human Rights Watch, women in Saudi Arabia are still treated as minors under the guardianship system, which requires them to receive permission from their husbands, brothers or fathers in order to travel, study or work….Continue Reading


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