mother and baby janma kit

The JANMA Kit is Reducing Mother and Infant Mortalities in Impoverished Areas Around the World

mother and baby janma kit


In rural and poor areas of the world, mother and infant mortality rates are astoundingly high. The social venture AYZH has come up with a simple solution to reduce infections that lead to fatalities during childbirth. AYZH is providing areas of India and Africa with inexpensive and environmentally friendly medical supplies with the JANMA Clean Birth Kit, a biodegradable jute bag containing simple tools recommended by the World Health Organization to provide sanitation and sterility at the time of childbirth. 


Zubaida Bai is an engineer, entrepreneur, and founder of AYZH, which works to provide cheap, simple medical necessities to rural women in India and other developing parts of the world. The JANMA Clean Birth Kit, made by and for the women of these underserved areas, has revolutionized access to basic, lifesaving birthing practices, providing healthier futures for both mothers and children.

2013 will see AYZH scaling its core product, the JANMA Clean Birth Kit, throughout India and assessing entry points for the kit in Africa, as well as expanding its product line to meet new needs of existing customers with other “kit style” products that support newborn health, postpartum hemorrhage, and menstrual hygiene.

Also in the works this year is an education campaign to increase awareness of the importance of clean birth practices…Continue Reading

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