air pollution

The War Over Resources: Next Up — Clean Air

air pollution


As some industries grow, it seems the pollution they cause does as well. China and Japan, major industrial countries, are at odds over just that: air pollution. Japan says that the rise of smog in its air is China’s fault. On the other hand, China blames the pollution on Japan’s new energy production. However, as the disputes continue, millions of peoples’ health is at risk, and author Terry Tamminen asks the question, can air pollution start wars?


In recent months, Japan and China have blustered over disputed islands that don’t appear to have any real economic or territorial benefits for either nation. Jets have scrambled and radars locked on opposing vessels, all signs of increasing tension. But the two Asian powerhouses have now begun to argue over a shared threat that actually does have impacts on the health and future of their respective populations–air pollution…Continue Reading


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