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Travel Talk with Adam Goldstein, CEO of Hipmunk

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We caught up with Adam Goldstein, CEO of Hipmunk to learn about some of his best moments while traveling…

Culture-ist Magazine: What is the best early morning experience you’ve had while traveling?
Showing up too late to check in, but then the airline making an exception and letting me check in anyway.

Culture-ist Magazine: If your life as a traveler could be described through the lyrics of a song what song would you choose?
 “When I come home cold and tired it’s good to warm my bones beside the fire ” from the song Time (Pink Floyd)

Culture-ist Magazine: One of the most memorable meals you’ve had while traveling”…
 An amazing dinner that consisted of an entire eggplant, in Israel.

Culture-ist Magazine: Most profound lesson learned through travel?
 Everywhere I’ve been I’ve seen the same people. Not literally the same, but the same in every way that matters: fears, goals, personality types. I keep waiting for things to be different somewhere, and they never are.
Hipmunk LogoCulture-ist Magazine: Favorite Town/Village? Why?
 Tough to choose! One that sticks in my mind is Monterey, California, where I had a very relaxing weekend once.

Culture-ist Magazine: Favorite City? Why?
 I went to Istanbul with some friends in college and had a great time. The food is great, the geography is cool, and the sites are amazing.

Culture-ist Magazine: A person you met while traveling that you still think about today.
The current Prime Minister of Ireland, at a pub in Dublin, before he was elected Prime Minister.

Culture-ist Magazine: Biggest gripe with traveling often.
Jet lag.

Adam Goldstein, CEO of HipmunkAdam Goldstein is the CEO and co-founder of the most complete flight and hotel search site, Hipmunk.  He is a full-time travel nerd and founded Hipmunk just weeks after his graduation from MIT in June 2010 where he earned degrees in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. Find flights and hotels on Hipmunk for your next getaway, and catch some wanderlust from Hipmunk’s travel pros on Facebook and Twitter!


Photo by: Eric C Bryan
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