Our Trip to Kerala in a Nutshell

Three weeks ago, Anthony an I traveled to Kerala, a southern region of India known for its backwaters, beaches and benevolent people. While there, we posted many pictures of  our experiences, which highlighted a mix of chaos and calm, filth and beauty, wealth and poverty — but have yet to follow up with a story.

I was recently asked to share some highlights from our trip in an interview with FATHOM, an independent online travel hub, for their “Just Back From Series.” I was delighted to participate, as I love  FATHOM’s eclectic mix of “Postcards” from travelers, and in-the-know online guides, which provide recommendations of where to stay, eat and shop. The site “reflects the way that wired, global-minded travelers plan for and share their travel experiences.”

We hope that you’ll explore FATHOM’s many gorgeous stories and take a moment to check out my interview with them about our trip to Kerala. Hopefully it will inspire you to keep traveling…





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