Children of Apartheid (Photo)

Apartheid in South Africa

  Children of apartheid–  This photo, taken in 1982, was shot in Ekuvukene, a “resettlement” village in KwaZulu-Natal.  During apartheid,  millions of black South Africans were forcibly moved to such villages called black “homelands”. The resettlements became the largest force movement of people in peacetime history. Photo by: flickr/United Nations Photo

Photo: Elephant Tears


This photo was taken on a South African wildlife game reserve after the matriarch (as seen here) defended her young and the rest of her herd from a pride of famished lions. Tired and wounded, she guided the herd along the parched earth to safety.

The Best Luxury Eco-Resorts Around the World


Photo courtesy of Longitude 131°, Voyages Hotels & Resorts Eco-resorts are popping all across the globe — some more laid-back and rustic; others embracing high-end luxury. Many notable eco-resorts have made their home around some of the most raw, undisturbed places on Earth. You may think that building a resort in a pristine setting is an […]

Condé Nast Traveler Ranks Phinda Private Game Reserve Third on ‘Top 100′ List

africa phinda

Known for its stunning landscapes, diverse ecosystems and luxury safari lodges, Phinda Private Game Reserve is a must see when visiting South Africa. Located in KwaZulu-Natal, the 56,800 acre reserve is a collage of open grasslands, rocky hillsides, subtropical woodlands and a rare sand forest. Africa’s Big Five roam freely and in abundance, making safaris […]