Block Shop Sisters and the Painted Scarves from Rajasthan

block shop textiles

  By Agnieszka Bielecka What happens when you bring together two talented sisters, Indian textile artisans and inspirations from the American desert? The answer would be: Block Shop Textiles, a Los Angeles-based company run by Lily and Hopie Stockman. Back in 2010, while Lily was living in India, she fell in love with traditional textiles from the […]

A Gift Guide to the Coolest Eco-Friendly Etsy Shops

etsy gift guide

By Daphne Auza Online shopping has completely transformed the world of commerce. Not only has it made the process of shopping more convenient and a whole lot faster, but it has also made unique products by forward-thinking, small business owners readily available. E-commerce website Etsy in particular is known for combining these two qualities. It […]

Personal and Artisanal: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Thoughtful Shopper

Personal and Artisanal: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Thoughtful Shopper

Far + Wide Collective: Comb Throw Pillow $120 This cotton-and-silk ikat covering, patterned on both sides, has been hand-woven using a detailed 70-step process. The comb-inspired design in vibrant shades of lavender and mint green is based on centuries-old patterns and colours.The threads are hand-woven into beautiful patterns and motifs traditional to the Fergana Valley of Uzbekistan.   […]

Sacred Jewelry from Spiritual Enclaves of the East

PRAY jewelry

By Erin Ward In a society that is inundated with cheap goods often made by workers who are paid unfairly and forced to work under unimaginable conditions, it is rare to find products that possess a deeper value than what is written on the price tag. For Zahara Jade and her most recent jewelry line, […]

8 Habits of Successful People and Why They Work

habits of successful people

In order to continue to develop your business and take it to the next level, it’s important to understand what innovative entrepreneurs do and what has contributed to their success. Interestingly, the habits of successful people tend to be consistent across the board. This insightful infographic takes a look at some of those common habits.