richard branson entrepreneur

Minute MBA: Entrepreneurs are Psychopaths, have ADHD and Don’t Live in Big Cities

richard branson entrepreneur

If only we could get savvy business tips in short, researched-based anecdotes that are highly entertaining and visual. And wouldn’t it be cool if these snippets of information cut out all the BS and just gave it to us the way it is — like in real life — without the bloated projects, hidden agendas, and brownnosing that often go along with business school?

Still in its infancy, One Minute MBA, a series of videos created to complement online MBA programs by touching on key concepts most commonly tackled in business school, may be on to something in the way it conveys information. Succinct videos that offer real-life applications, tested strategies and research-based theories come to life in snarky, sassy and humorous one-minute clips. So far, the company has nine videos as part of its larger “online MBA guide,” but we sort of think it’s a great resource for anyone who could use a little brushing up on the ABCs of business.
For a sneak peek into this clever resource, check out this video on 5 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs:

Episode 07 – Five Surprising Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs from Minute MBA by on Vimeo.

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