Destinations Around the World With The Most Fascinating Extremes (INFOGRAPHIC)

Destinations Around the World With The Most Fascinating Extremes (INFOGRAPHIC)

These destinations around the world take things to the next level. From temperature to nature to animals to man made wonders, these stats are pretty impressive. Going to extremes Infographic by the team at Cheapflights

Country in Transition: A Moving Photo Essay from Egypt

Egypt Culture

By Kimberly Bryant As culturally fertile as it is politically fraught, Egypt is a country that requires deep, nuanced exploration in order to even begin to understand its heart. When I visited Cairo and South Sinai for several months in early 2013, I wasn’t prepared for the kind of emotional impact the people and my experiences […]

Photo Essay: A Stunning Visual Tour of Northern India

Jaisalmer Woman

By Kimberly Bryant India is a country exceedingly rich in culture — overflowing with the smells, sights and sounds of life. It is both a rewarding and a challenging place to travel. From my experience traversing this vast country, it lives up to its tagline of “Incredible India” for a multitude of reasons: warm people, […]

#InstaFoodPorn and Where to Eat It

roberta's bushwick

What: Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick, Brooklyn Why: Because it’s the best damn pizza we’ve had yet Where to find it: 61 Moore St Brooklyn,NY Morgan Ave stop on  train Open Monday-Friday 11a.m.-Midnight Saturday & Sunday 10a.m.-Midnight Delivery hours: 7 days a week 11am-11pm, 718-417-1118

Cultures and Landscapes of Southern India, a Stunning Photo Essay

Cultures and Landscapes of Southern India

By Kimberly L Bryant Exploring southern India thoroughly could easily take years upon years; the south is filled with numerous cultures, cuisines, dialects, and landscapes. Moving from one state to the next sometimes feels like traveling to different countries altogether. In Kovalam, I often went down to the beach and played in the water with […]

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