5 Reasons Why Malawi Will Surprise You

lake malawi

Meghan Black is just back from Malawi. She shares how this often-overlooked African country is poised to step into the spotlight, and why you should go before everyone catches on. I am on a remote lava rock island, staring straight through the turquoise waters to the sandy bottom of Lake Malawi, watching a school of […]

5 Green Products You Can Use Now and Plant Later

plantable products

Yep, this calendar can be planted to grow vegetables (Botanical Paperworks) The modern era brings with it an inherent eco-dichotomy: on one hand we love innovation – shiny new things, handy gadgets and great ideas. And on the other hand, we’re becoming increasingly aware of the environment – we value sustainability, we want to be […]

Why Big City Dwellers Need Bali

things to do in bali

Christa Russo is on a mission: to reset, rejuvenate, bliss-out, and find holistic wellness in Bali. She goes beyond the legendary spas and fabled beaches (although, she’ll certainly squeeze in some of this as well!) to meet with traditional healers, learn to eat raw, and practice living at a slower pace. Follow her journey as […]

The Trickle Effect of (Over)consumption

By Deja Dragovic I just read this investigative report in The New York Times, a gripping expose on New York City’s nail salons. It directly addresses labour exploitation, modern slavery, human rights, illegal migration, the polarization of power, inequality, xenophobia and racial discrimination. Indirectly, it also raises questions about consumerism, the value of services and commodities, and […]

It’s Official: The Culture-ist and Humanity Unified Have Merged

Culture-ist Humanity Unified

You’ve probably heard us talk a lot about a sister site called Humanity Unified on several occasions like in this article or in this one. We are very proud of what the social enterprise is accomplishing, so much so that we decided to make The Culture-ist Humanity Unified’s Community home base for news, ideas and collaborations. Both organizations are for […]

How Indonesia Turns Old Garbage into Free Healthcare

indonesia trash

Dr. Gamal Albinsaid’s Garbage Clinical Insurance accepts trash as payment for health care services. In Malang City, Indonesia, more than 55,000 tons of garbage is produced daily. Of that, only 50-60% gets collected. These unsanitary conditions lead to health issues, and for Dr. Gamal Albinsaid, the connection between trash and healthcare triggered an ingenious idea […]

7 Ways Mushrooms Can Solve the World’s Problems

mushrooms can save the world

This article was originally published on Goodnet, and appears here with permission. Far beyond their usual status as a soup ingredient or a growth on a mossy rock, mushrooms might just be the magical ingredient to solving the world’s problems. There are around 75,000 scientifically identified species of fungi, though scientists postulate that there may be as […]