The Best Eco-Friendly Ski and Snowboarding Gear

snowboarding photo

By Lucy Munday We all love it. That hypnotic rhythm of swish and swoop as the edges of your skis or board cut in to a fine dusting of snow. We want the snow to last, the winters to be cold and the marmots to be happy. With that in mind, here are some eco-friendly […]

7 Places in New York to Cozy Up with Comfort Food

mac n cheese

By Marina Starkey The people of New York are becoming increasingly conscious about where their food comes from. When we’re talking comfort food, it’s more difficult to find out which sea your fried catfish swam in or what your pulled pork ate for dinner. Several places around the city, however, are cool with being transparent […]

Women in Rwanda Don’t Want Care Packages

woman in rwanda

Women in Rwanda do not want care packages. They do not want handouts. A Rwandan woman, like you, wants to be empowered. She wants to earn an income that adequately supports her family. She wants to have the knowledge to make informed decisions about her body. She dreams of becoming highly educated, innovating and making […]

When a Startup Accelerator Grows Between Bombs

gaza sky geeks

By Rachel Wallace Gaza Sky Geeks is a charity program unlike any other. In a country where war is the reality, and the infrastructure is constantly threatened by bombs and destruction, the success of a startup accelerator wasn’t something many people would have predicted. However, GSG’s mission to educate Gazans about startups and help them […]