Links That Make Us Think: 7/29/14

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Man standing next to thought bubble photo via Shutterstock A roundup of meaningful, insightful and fascinating stories from around the globe: Remembering Priya Haji: “The Best Social Entrepreneur Of Our Generation”  CO.EXIST | TUE, JUL 29 How Train Travel Explains the Decline of American Culture  VICE PULSE FEED | TUE, JUL 29 The New York Times […]

Around and About the Amalfi Coast, the Italian Way

amalfi coast

Photo Henrik Ahlen By Jessica Festa Deep red wine. Hearty pastas drizzled with olive oil. Historic architecture. Impressive marble artwork. These are just a few of the images that spring to mind when thinking about Italian culture. For those looking to explore Italy’s Amalfi Coast, there are special cultural experiences to be had, from cooking […]

This Little-Known Grain is a Superfood That Has the Potential to End World Hunger


In an effort to spread awareness on global hunger and viable, healthful solutions to combat the crisis, GLP Films and National Geographic released “The Most Nutritious Grain You’ve Never Heard Of,” a short video filmed on-location in Senegal, West Africa that explores the benefits and cultural importance of a little-known grain called fonio. Heralded as the “new […]