Watch This Awesome Animation Video on Vertical Farming

video on vertical farming

In this brilliant video on vertical farming, Columbia professor Dickson Despommier imagines filling New York’s skyscrapers with greenhouses brimming with healthful produce. With 8 million people to feed and a growing threat of food security due to climate change, we think he’s on to something.

11 of the World’s Most Beautiful Natural Pools

natural pools turkey

It’s hard to beat natural, regardless of what you’re doing. Naturally formed pools are some of Mother Nature’s coolest inventions and we’ve got 11 of the most stunning from around the globe for you to check out. Feature image, travertine pools Turkey via Shutterstock

How the LOHAS Consumer is Changing the World of Fashion for the Better


Francesca Romana Rinaldi, co-author with Salvo Testa of “The Responsible Fashion Company”, dives into the many issues that stand as barriers to a more sustainable fashion industry. Fashion and food have many things in common, not just their initial letter. For example the agricultural origin of the raw materials: cotton, hemp and flax are classified […]