In Senegal, a Tree of Life Nurtures the Poor

moringa tree

By Lauren Seibert When I arrived in Senegal and started working in nutrition and development for the Peace Corps, I couldn’t believe I had never heard of Moringa Oleifera. How could such a plant be spreading so rapidly across the developing world – a solution for fighting malnutrition and soil degradation, generating income, treating unclean […]

11 Eco Yoga Retreats in Tropical Paradise

yoga retreats in tropical paradise

For most people, yoga is about learning how to be more present, mindful and in tune with their inner self. Often, it can be difficult to deepen one’s personal practice amidst the chaos and noise that accompanies everyday life. Escaping to one of these eco yoga retreats in a tropical paradise will ensure the serenity […]

14 Socially Innovative Companies Changing the World

socially innovative companies changing the world

Social innovation seems to be a buzzword these days, and it’s no surprise being that many young professionals are jumping at job opportunities to do something meaningful with their talents. Here are 14 companies that are changing the world for the better. Feature social change photo via shutterstock

13 B&Bs on the Vineyard

vineyard in tuscany

Love wine? Why not try something a bit more intimate on your next visit to a vineyard and stay among rows of grape vines in a quiet, picturesque setting?  These 13 bed and breakfasts are located in the world’s top wine hotspots. Click each image for more information. Feature vineyard photo via shutterstock

10 of the Most Remote Places on Earth to Visit

Tsingy national park

As travelers, we’re always fascinated when we meet other travelers who only seek to explore the most remote places on Earth. Some people believe that the more arduous the journey the more beautiful, enchanting and pristine the destination will be. What is your experience? Check out the list below and let us know what other […]

A Travel Guide for Chocolate Lovers

travel guide for chocolate lovers

Chocolate is one of the world’s most popular foods. Europeans in particular are passionate about cocoa – the chocolate industry is worth around £4 billion in Britain alone. Cocoa beans have travelled a long way from their ancestral home. Originally found in the forests of Mesoamerica, the beans were brought to Europe in the 16th […]