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I Dreamed of Sicily (in Photos)

I Dreamed of Sicily (in Photos)


From ancient Greek temples and Baroque churches to idyllic beaches and mountainous rural countryside, Sicily is a destination that begs to be discovered. Whether it’s a day spent at sea or chasing the dust that swirls around the statues and modern day verandas – getting lost in Sicily is all but too inviting.

 sicily Church of San Giuseppe

Photo by Andrew Malone

sicily church

Photo by Iain Farrell

You don’t have to go far to explore the beautiful architecture that tells the story of this ancient city. Sicilian Baroque is the distinctive form of Baroque architecture that was first introduced on the island in the 17th and 18th centuries. The style is recognizable not only by its typical Baroque curves and flourishes, but also by its grinning masks and putti, creating a particular flamboyance that has given Sicily a unique architectural identity.

sicily vespa

Photo by Geoffery Ward

sicily motorcycle

Photo by Stefan L

One of the best ways to explore Sicily is by bicycle or Vespa, which just happen to be the preferred modes of transportation to navigate the congested city streets and steeps hills of the countryside. It’s not a matter of practicability as it is of practice – riding with two tires demands adventure.

Sicily seafood

Photo by Mikhail Dubov

Arancini and frittelle di farina di ceci,

Photo by miss_yasmina

Pasta con cime di rapa:

Photo by miss_yasmina

sicily view of mountains

Photo by Scott Wylie

Pasta, wine and the many gifts from the sea are expected in Sicily, but what’s intrinsically unexpected is what makes the city artistic and inviting. Creativity exists at every turn; in the detail of old building terraces and on the streets where vibrant colors stand out among a background of historic piazzas, churches and charming village homes.

sicily beach

Photo by dr_tr

Cefalù Sicily Beach Front

Photo by Rhonda Gorman

In Sicily, the sea calls out to all who wander its land. And sunbathe they will.

Sicilian Mountain Village

Photo by Miguel Virkkunen 

Beauty is pronounced in the most remote areas of Sicily where the mountains and grassy hilltops chase the horizon and forbidden crevices tempt adventurer seekers. Admired up close and from afar, the landscapes conjure a sense of freedom and appreciation for a more simple way of life.

Feature photo by Scott Wylie
  1. Amazing photos! Sicily is such an amazing place (I’ve spent a lot of my time there). Whenever there, one should cross to Reggio Calabria and be sure to check out Tropea. It will blow you away. You’ll can collect such photos that you’ll be afraid to share them 🙂

  2. There is no blog post that could ever include all the rich images of Sicily. There are jaw dropping panoramas, incredible architecture, ancient ruins, fertile fields, jagged rocks and hill towns. Add to that list the faces of a resilient population that has been through it all and can there ever be enough photos of Etna?
    Tourists are slowly realizing that Sicily is a secret waiting to be discovered. For every private or group tour I have arranged, I have created new fans of this truly magnificent island.

  3. Bellissima! A very charming place with so much character. Wonderful photos, too! I would love to walk along these alleys and bask in the beaches here one day.

    Being from South Carolina, I can understand what it is to live in a place where many of its nooks and crannies have the old world feel. Our state may not be as old as Greece, but we too are an old community with a traditional culture that still thrives to this day. Amidst all the newly installed modern facilities and buildings, much of South Carolina is still occupied by old homes and structures that date back decades in age.

    Even our beachfront properties here are a nice blend of the old and the new, resorts like Wild Dunes here may have modern amenities, but some of the buildings are still designed in the old South Carolinian fashion. They look like they belong with the community’s lovely old homes. A pleasant experience awaits anyone who visits, if I do say so myself (admittedly with a bit of bias since I’m from around here).

  4. Now after going through this post all I can say is “I dream of Sicily”. Absolutely amazing photolog…awesome captures and the food really made my mouth water. With the highest temperature breaking 62 years record in Delhi (India), an escape to the fantastic beaches of Sicily appears a cool option 🙂

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