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Where to Wind Down in the Algarve

Portugal’s Algarve region is utterly beautiful, it is home to picturesque coastal towns, pristine beaches and some great bars, restaurants and shops. It offers many exciting things to see and do, ideal for all travelers. And if you’re here to relax, a trip to the Algarve will do the trick!

If you’re planning to visit the Algarve and need tips on where to chill out, we have what you’re looking for! Keep reading to learn more about the best places to wind down whilst visiting here.


Situated in central Algarve is the stunning town of Guia. Being close to Albufeira makes Guia a favoured destination for many as there is so much to see and do around the area. Although this is one of the smaller towns in the Algarve, it doesn’t fall short of great eateries and bars, plus many more things to do. 

For those seeking some great places to eat out in the Algarve, Guia is where you want to go. Here you will find several mouthwatering restaurants, and a wide range of cuisines, with peri chicken being a favoured option in the town. Alongside its great dining options, the town is encompassed by lush greenery and rural landscapes. If you’re a wine lover, a visit to Ageda do Cantor Winery will be right up your street. 

If you are visiting the Algarve with family, Guia is the perfect place to be. With attractions for the whole clan such as Zoomarine park and FIESA Sand City Sand Sculpture Park, you will find plenty here to keep everyone entertained. 


Lagos is a beautiful city brimming with untouched beaches, vibrant nightlife and an intriguing historic centre. For those looking to explore the history and heritage of the region, Lagos has monuments in abundance. You can spend hours wandering through the city learning more about its past and what shaped it into the wonderful place it is today. 

With places like Mercado dos Escravos and San Antonio Church located in Lagos, you will find opportunities to learn more about the first slave market in Europe, alongside some of the city’s significant religious monuments. Lagos also offers beautiful architecture and a charming harbour, providing the perfect place to relax and unwind when in the area. 

For beach lovers and sun worshippers, there is something for you in Lagos too. Its pristine beaches and golden sandy shorelines, provide a stunning environment to unwind in the Algarve. Alternatively, many visitors choose to spend their time on some of the great golf holidays in the Algarve, with a lovely course being the Boavista, in beautiful Lagos


The beautiful resort town of Alvor is the perfect place to go for those looking for some peace and seclusion. Situated on the Ria de Alvor Estuary, you will find some incredible beaches, whitewashed buildings and quaint cobbled streets in Alvor. There is also plenty to do here in the town, with several bars, restaurants and shops to choose from, you will find yourself needing more time when visiting. 

Whether you aim to spend your time catching a glimpse of the wildlife by boat tour, lounging on a beach, hiking or trying out the eateries, there is something for the whole family in Alvor. A favoured spot in the area is the Ria de Alvor Nature Reserve, here you will find multiple walking trails and a chance to see some of the beautiful scenery surrounding the region. 

For anyone visiting Alvor for its fantastic beaches, you must check out Praia de Alvor. The beautiful sandy shore comprises golden sands, clear waters and lots of space. With a shoreline stretching around 3.5km, you can visit here in peak time and still feel a true sense of tranquillity. 


Albufeira is known for being one of the livelier resorts in the Algarve. However, don’t let this deter you from visiting if you’re looking to wind down, as there are still plenty of places in the area to do just that. You will find everything in Albuferia from some of the Algarve’s best holiday rentals to stunning beaches and an excellent climate. 

To relax in Albufeira, you must go to Praia dos Pescadores Beach. Here you will find a stunning shoreline stretching along the town’s waterfront. Another popular place to escape the crowds is Olhos de Água, with a great selection of seafood restaurants and impressive seaside vistas, you will feel complete respite when visiting here.  

Although Albufeira is known for its vibrant centre, it also offers multiple historic monuments, providing the perfect place to go for some peace and tranquillity. With authentic Portuguese architecture, great shops and mouthwatering eateries, you will find several hidden gems in the centre to sit back and watch as the world passes you by. 


Sagres is perched at the westernmost part of the Algarve. Being one of the more remote places in Portugal means that you will find nothing short of seclusion and peace here. Surrounded by stunning terrains, an impressive coastline and rugged cliffs, there is nature and beauty no matter where you look in Sagres. 

Sagres is particularly popular for being a surfing destination in the Algarve, its position on the coasts means that with higher winds, the swells are impressive here. If you’re not a surfer, you can still choose one of the many untouched beaches to relax and unwind, the perfect place to sit and watch as people attempt to ride the waves. 

Tourists usually head to Sagres for a day trip, as it offers a chance to escape the hustle and bustle that many of the other resorts attract. If you’re looking to spend some time hiking or cycling, a trip to Sagres is the perfect option. With the Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano located nearby, you will be spoilt for choice with raw natural beauty, secluded beaches and beautiful vistas at every twist and turn. 

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