A Chocolate Chip Cookie for the Serious Traveler

Naked Nutrition has discovered a way to fuel the body while offering a classic treat: the chocolate chip cookie. Providing a quick, healthy, and delicious protein snack for any time of the day, these cookies are freshly baked in the USA, are gluten-free and made with defatted almond flour instead of traditional wheat. Part of the Naked Nutrition High Performance Bundle, the protein cookies help athletes and travelers achieve peak performance through increased power, endurance and helping your body recover optimally after long treks, underwater adventures and any type of training.  

In 2014, former cross country and track All-American Stephen Zieminski noticed many supplements were formulated with ingredients of little nutritional value. Zieminski decided to create Naked Nutrition, starting with five single ingredient supplements, sans artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and mixing agents. He wanted people to control the flavor and their personal regime by adding their choice of foods to Naked Nutrition’s proteins and supplements. Today the company offers 50 products, with most having three ingredients or less. Their vision is still the same – “give people control over their health and fitness journey by using pure ingredients that are easy to understand and as few of them as possible.” You can even take a product selector quiz to find the best Naked products for your health, diet and fitness goals. 

The chocolate chip cookies are an amazing healthy snack for serious travelers who love to hike, swim, and engage in any type of adventure or endurance activity. Being on the road or in the sky for hours on end can be taxing on the body and devoid of nutritious food options. Naked Nutrition’s Protein Cookies are easy to pack and are an enjoyable treat that doesn’t require any utensils or fuss.

Each cookie contains:

  • 10 grams of protein and only one gram of sugar
  • Protein from grass-fed whey
  • 11 net carbs
  • 0g trans fats

As a traveler, it’s always encouraging to find products like Naked Nutrition’s protein cookies as I value clean eating and responsibly-sourced ingredients. I want to be sure that what I fuel my body with won’t harm it in the long run (and having it in the form of a yummy chocolate chip cookie is never a bad thing either!).

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