Ethical Lab-grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds: The ethical and sustainable choice


Lab-grown diamonds versus traditional diamonds – do you know the difference? From a glance, they are so similar – in fact, they are physically identical! But once you dig a little deeper you start to notice the jarring differences, which explains the rise in popularity of lab-grown diamonds. They have the same luster, sparkle and brilliance but are different for all the right reasons. Simply put, lab-grown diamonds are the ethical and sustainable sister to traditional mined diamonds.

No “blood” diamonds over here

Traditional mined diamonds have become notorious for their negative social impacts. The world is becoming more and more aware of the cruelty and atrocities that occur in parts of the diamond mining industry. These days, your purchasing power has more power than ever. By choosing a lab-grown diamond over a traditional mined diamond, you are making the ethical choice. Lab-grown diamonds offer a beautiful diamond without the cost of social injustices. 

Save the planet, one diamond at a time

Behind the sparkling diamond, comes the ugly truth. Traditional mined diamonds contribute to soil erosion, deforestation and ecosystem destruction – not to mention that the energy required to mine a diamond is immensely higher than creating a diamond in a lab. As climate change becomes an increasing issue, shopping sustainable is more important than ever. Saving the planet’s dwindling resources has never been easier than choosing to shop lab-grown!

No need to sacrifice style

Lab-grown diamonds are made with style in mind. You still get all the sparkle you want! With companies like Stefano Navi, you don’t need to sacrifice the look and cut you’re after. They make ethical and sustainable (and affordable!) diamonds that you’ll fall in love with. The variety and selection is endless. So you can feel good about your purchase.

When all is said and done, you can’t argue against the fact that lab-grown diamonds are the superior choice. Knowledge is power – now that you know the benefits of lab-grown diamonds, will you make the switch from traditional to lab-grown?

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