travel abroad with dog

Tips for Traveling Abroad With Your Dog

travel abroad with dog

Traveling abroad can be a great adventure for both you and your pet. After all, there’s nothing like a good trip abroad to help you bond with man’s best friend. However, if you decide to bring your pup along for the journey, you will need to take a few extra steps and precautions to ensure he or she stays safe and happy. Here are some ways to prepare.

1. Crate Train

Your dog will likely need to be contained, most likely in a crate, for the journey overseas. If you have never crate trained your dog before, though, this can be a stressful experience. Prepare your pup for the trip by crate training in the weeks and months leading up to the big day. Before you embark, your dog should be perfectly comfortable in the crate with no signs of anxiety.

2. Consider Your Schedule

You may need to adapt your travel schedule to meet your pet’s needs. For example, nonstop flights may be ideal for humans who want to reach the destination as quickly as possible, but anxious animals will probably do best with a layover. You can use that time to let your pet unwind, relax, rehydrate, and eat a good meal before you start the next leg of your journey.

3. Find a Pet-Friendly Hotel and Airline

While looking for accommodations and airfare, remember that not all hotels are pet-friendly and some airlines are much better with pets than others. Do your research to find a hotel and airline that puts your pet’s safety and comfort first. You may pay a bit more, but your peace of mind is worth the cost.

4. Schedule a Vet Check

Before you leave, you should schedule a final checkup with your pet’s veterinarian. This is to ensure your pet is in tiptop shape for the journey, as well as to stock up on any prescription medications you may need while you’re away. Many countries require a vet checkup for any visiting pets, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind.

5. Check Weather Conditions

Remember that your pet may not do well in severe weather conditions. For example, during travel, he or she may be exposed to areas that aren’t climate-controlled. To keep your pet safe from overheating or hypothermia, try to travel during more moderate seasonal periods or prepare accordingly for severe weather conditions.

6. Review Local Laws

Unfortunately, no matter how well you prepare, some countries simply don’t allow pets as visitors. Others may have restrictions on breeds or require additional steps before you can bring your dog into the country. Before you start planning your trip, it’s best to review local laws to make sure you’re prepared.

7. Keep Your Pet Comfortable

When it’s finally time to travel, it’s important that you keep your pet as comfortable as possible. If your dog is prone to anxiety, your vet may prescribe medication that can help. You might consider using a treatment like Sentinel for dogs to protect your dog from parasites you may encounter on the road. Finally, remember to bring some toys or a blanket from home to help your dog settle down for the trip. These small comforts can make all the difference between a nervous pet and a happy one. Bon voyage!


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