travel far enough and meet yourself

Travel Far Enough and You’ll Meet Yourself

travel far enough and meet yourself quote


Travel far enough, you meet yourself. – David Mitchell


The other day I met a stranger while visiting a meditation garden in Encinitas, California. It was once of those serendipitous encounters that was brought together through a like-energy connection (your vibe attracts your tribe, right?). We got to talking and Anthony and I suggested that we all get dinner in town. As it turned out our new friend was headed to the same cafe.

During dinner, the topic of travel came up. It was clear that each of us felt a strong sense of reverence for the power of travel and how it truly can be an enlightening experience if – we all agreed – you seek human connections in the places you visit.

I think a strong argument can be made in favor of travel being the greatest form of education available to humans. It without question stirs curiosity, diminishes prejudices and creates an appreciation and love for other cultures and the people who make each country so vibrantly unique.

After dinner I got to thinking about how travel has done all of the aforementioned for me and perhaps even more. I began reflecting on the first 14 or so years I spent traveling to different places around the world and how my mind was opened to the vastness and beauty of this planet. During this period of time it was more of an outside-of-myself learning experience. More recently though, I’ve noticed that travel has become a means to an inward journey. I find that I crave silence quite often, so that I can feel my intuition and learn more about what my heart is saying. I’m realizing that travel is providing me with the respite and clarity necessary to learn more about who I am.

When I travel, it’s actually much easier for me to keep to a daily routine. Time is mine – I wake for sunrise, watch our great star levitate above the horizon, take a few deep breaths and simply enjoy the beauty. I have time to journal, to walk and practice yoga, to explore with curiosity, to eat mindfully and with pleasure to love and to pray. I have time to be kind to myself by doing things I enjoy. Most importantly, I have time to sit still and marvel at something. In these moments of stillness, I hear my heart and I begin to heal from old wounds, creating an opening to let joy and contentment flood in. I gain clarity on situations that seem murky and impossible to navigate. By doing this I can be more present for the people I love and I also replenish my energy so that I can continue to give of myself and serve others.

Today I urge you to travel far enough so that you meet yourself. We all deserve the privilege of knowing who we truly are.


With love & gratitude,


Co-founder, The Culture-ist

Photo: Anthony Russo

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