Armchair Italy: 10 Instagram Feeds To Inspire La Dolce Vita


By: Andrea Gambino and Ismael Rattalino

We’re so lucky to get to live, work and play here in Italy—the Bel Paese. It truly is a country of marvel and magic. And we know that those among you who live somewhere else—perhaps, probably somewhere equally as beautiful, would love to be able to jet off and journey to Italy for the adventure of a lifetime. Alas, travel isn’t always possible. So here, in the meantime, are 10 of our favorite Italy Instagram feeds to satisfy your wanderlust!

1. When in Rome…

Is your chosen travel style of the gastronomic variety? Then you simply must follow Elizabeth Minchill. She’s a talented writer, with books that cover everything from Roman food and history to design and decor, and her Insta-feed reflects that passion: scrumptious-looking pasta dishes (your mouth will water), inspired table settings, and shots of Rome that truly capture the comings-and-goings of this famous city. (Her adorable dog makes appearances too.) Check out our favorite shot here.

2. #NotMyNonni

Tiana Kai
is a true world traveler: Born in Hawaii and raised in Maimi, Tiana has lived all over the United States, including New Orleans, Boulder, Jackson Hole, and Oregon. Her Instagram feed reflects that exciting life and the brave spirit required to live it! She’s a talented writer and photographer too. We love her Italy photos, especially!

Tiana is also the creator and moderator of the super-popular #NotMyNonni Instagram movement, that invites traveler-photographers to share shots of the “Grandmas and Grandpas of Italy (and beyond)”. The NotMyNonni feed is so charming — and if you look beyond the sweet seniors, you’ll also see the beauty of Italy’s architecture, geography, and love for a slower pace. Stop and smell the roses? Sure, but how fun to stop and smile at the Nonnis too!

3. “What Italy Is”

Another collaborative community feed that we love is What Italy Is. It’s a collection of fantastic Italy photography from shutterbugs country-wide. And of course the images are as diverse as their creators, but they all function to show the most beautiful sides of Italy—clicking through them is like a whirlwind trip to every corner of the country. It’s hard to pick a favorite photo here, but this one by Emanuela of a scene in Cannero Riviera is pretty awesome!

4. “Venetian by birth, Venetian at heart…”

Lorenzo Cinotti
says he’s “Venetian by birth, Venetian at heart…” and his impressive Instagram feed certainly demonstrates his love for his city and his passion for capturing its real essence. Lorenzo’s photos of Venice aim to show its most authentic side. Not the standard “blue-canal + red-striped-shirt Gondolier” shots of Venice we all know so well, Lorenzo’s photos are different— richly evocative, sometimes a little dark, and truly beautiful.

5A Canadian Girl Living in Rome”
Sara White is “a Canadian girl living in Rome.” Lucky her! She’s also a designer, writer and photographer and her Instagram feed is a reflection of both her creative skill and our beautiful Italy! She makes our list of favorites because she manages to capture an authentic Italy—not the busy, fast-paced city centers that tourists see, but the slower-paced, sensory-satisfying hidden corners the locals love. Sara’s winding alleyways and window frames are particularly pretty. Here, she’s captured Genazzano, Italy just about perfectly.

6. Vitamin “Sea”

Does your soul crave salt-air and coastlines? Then you’ll fall in love with Alessandro Bordoni’s Instagram feed, where he features countless stunning shots of Italy’s coasts. Think wild cliffs, windswept beaches and turquoise seas…breathtaking! Here’s one of Alessandro’s photos at Spiaggia Mezzavalle. Wish you were here? We bet you do!

7. Outdoor Enthusiast?

Mattia Bonavida is a professional photographer from Lake Garda so it’s no wonder his photos are great. But it’s his passion for Italy’s natural beauty that had us swooning. Sure, there are beautiful city and culture shots in Mattia’s feeds, but our favorites are the ones of his adventures outdoors. You can almost feel the crisp northern air hit your lungs when you look at these pics. Here’s shot of a visit to Brescia, Itay.

8. Italy’s Amazing Architecture

Architect Buff? You have follow Marco Gaggio on Instagram. His feed feels so romantic, even though there aren’t any shots of young couples locked in embrace. That’s because Italy itself— when captured well—exudes romance. This collection of beautiful Italy pics, including mostly ones that show off Italy’s amazing architecture, is really cool. And it’s no wonder the building photos are good— Marco is a Venezia-based a photographer and architect (among other things)! This moment he captured in Piazza San Marco is one of our favorites.

9. Girl In Florence

 Girl in Florence, aka Georgette Jupe, is “a sassy and curious American girl living and working in Florence, Italy.” (Jealous? Yes, we were too.) She’s a talented blogger and writer (working for uber-popular Italy Magazine) and an adventurous spirit. Of traveling, she writes: “We can’t seem to shake the itch to change places and experience new things…” And, of course, she loves Florence! Her Instagram feed photos reflect those passions. They show a fun and relaxed Florence—lots of movement, action and variety  taken with an eye for the unique and the beautiful. (Her adorable Beagle “Ginger” also appears as model every once in awhile.)

 10. Great Pics + Travel Tips

Planning a trip to Italy? Check out Gillian Longworth McGuire on Instagram. A Rome-based writer for Culture Trip (a buzzing online community of travel enthusiasts) and AFAR Media, Gillian combines her love of exploration with Rome’s beauty and her relaxed Beach Girl-travel style for an Instagram feed that’s so satisfying! Gillian also runs an Italy travel tips website where she shares all she knows about Italy travel. Here’s one of her pics of Burano, Veneto. Wouldn’t you love to go for a stroll in the sunshine here?

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Authors: Andrea Gambino and Ismael Rattalino are passionate about travel—especially travel that respects local culture, explores off-the-beaten-path, and leaves few footprints but makes memories that last a lifetime. That passion led them to create LocalWonders Travel, where they adore their jobs as “professional travelers” offering a variety of Italy tours that allow their guests to discover the true and authentic soul of the country that they love.

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