red clay face mask benefits

This Moroccan Healing Clay Mask is the Secret to Getting Rid of Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

red clay face mask benefits

Since my mid-thirties I have struggled with puffiness and dark circles under my eyes. It’s most likely a combination of genetics and environmental allergens (we live in New Jersey, which has one of the worst air quality indexes in the country). I have tried a number of natural treatments from tea bags, to cucumbers to cold compresses and even a few eye creams with limited success.

Recently I was in Hawaii and something about the volcanic landscape got me wondering about clay treatments. I also have rosacea which becomes exacerbated with increased sun exposure, so long days outdoors on the islands were doing wonders for everything in my body but my skin. I began looking for Hawaiian clay treatments to calm my skin, but had difficulty finding anything in local markets and stores. Luckily I stumbled on Now Solutions’s Moroccan red clay in an organic market and decided to try it – at that point I was desperate for any natural treatment.

The product was completely pure – no additives, fillers or fragrance and it did not come mixed with water. I mixed the clay with filtered or mineral water until it produced a creamy paste consistency and applied it over a layer of Manuka honey (for added moisture and an anti-inflammatory effect). After a couple of treatments I noticed an incredible improvement in my skin. It was softer, clearer, my pores looked closed and tight and my skin had a beautiful glow to it.

I began wondering if the benefits of Moroccan red clay would also do wonders for the bags under my eyes. The clay promotes circulation and blood flow to the skin, contains high levels of nurturing minerals, moisturizes, heals broken capillaries and soothes blemishes by absorbing toxins, so I figured since it fixes pretty much everything, why not give it a go as an under eye treatment?

This time I mixed the clay with cooled organic black tea (for tightening and antioxidant benefits) that I brewed with filtered or mineral water and applied it over a layer of Manuka honey. I let the mask sit for 15 minutes. After the first application I noticed an improvement. After applying the mask every morning for a week, the puffiness and dark circles drastically decreased and on days when my allergies didn’t flare up, the bags seemed pretty much gone!

Everyone’s skin is different, so Moroccan red clay will not perform the same miracles for every person who tries it as it did for me. It is known to be excellent for sensitive, dry and mature skin. The good news is that there are many varieties of clay that are great for different types of skin, so it’s just finding your sweet spot. My next adventure will be to try Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, which is said to be the goddess of all clays. Given that we are all exposed to some level of environmental toxins, our skin being the first line of defense is constantly being subjected to some pretty horrible stuff. Clays have been used for centuries to cleanse and remove toxins, so why not use it as a modern day treatment during a time when we need it most?

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