Where the Magic Lies: A Spiritual Journey in Tulum

Most of humanity goes through life never realizing that there is a true magic that lies within the fabric of all that is. Those of us who are fortunate enough to discover it – the dreamers, wanderers, artists, lovers and seekers – never stop looking once it’s found. It is like a longing need for the sun’s rays – without it the darkness overshadows the light.

maya tulum resort

It is believed that 66 million years ago an astroid struck the earth in the region of the Yucatan Peninsula in the area we now know as Tulum. It was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs and a long running ice age. What was most significant about the impact was the incredible amount of energy it produced in such a small area of the planet. Many people believe that the energy still lives in Tulum and creates a magical aura around the region.

I first felt the essence of this magic when I visited Tulum last year. The soft, gorgeous beach town has remained in my heart ever since, so when I began feeling some questions about my life path stir up I knew it was time to return.

Anthony and I chose to stay at Maya Tulum Resort because it is known for the peaceful energy that flows through the property most likely cultivated by the people who visit – the resort hosts some of the best yoga retreats the world over and the spa incorporates healing treatments that nourish the body, mind and soul. Their temazcal is known to be particularly healing as it is designed to promote physical, emotional and spiritual well being through a purging of physical and emotional toxins.

maya tulum spa

maya tulum resort

When we arrived at Maya Tulum, I immediately felt that soft flow of energy seep into my body. The footpaths at the resort are paved with sand to encourage guests to walk barefoot, which for me immediately created a sense of freedom and connectivity with the natural beauty that is Tulum. I walked towards the ocean feeling my eyes adjust to the brilliant light generated by the white sand and blue water playing in sync with the sky, palms, and jagged rocky outcrops, creating a gorgeous palette of colors. I drifted to a row of pastel-hued hammocks and swayed an hour away just absorbing the vista.

maya tulum resort

restaurare tulum

Later that evening, while walking the main road outside the resort I began thinking about the same questions that continued to arise in that little place of consciousness we hold in our gut. For a moment, I became lost in the seductive eco-chic vibe of the shops, restaurants and artisan boutiques that adorn the main strip, which together create quite a magical experience with the jungle creeping in throughout most of the spaces.

My questions surfaced again after dinner as I began walking through the property, the darkness of night seeping in, the full moon gracefully illuminating the sky and the sea. Our room was situated on the beach only steps from the water, so I could hear and watch the waves crash onto the shore from our porch. Magic, I thought. I wished on the moon, which was surrounded by a mysterious cluster of clouds and retreated to our room where I enjoyed a glorious hot shower and read for a few hours in our comfy bed lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean playing in the background.

sian ka'an biosphere

The next day the weather was perfect for walking, so we wandered for three hours all the way into the Sian Ka’an biosphere. We were surrounded on both sides of the entrance road by wild palms and jungle foliage – the sea to our left, the jungle to our right. People are blocked from entering to preserve and protect the ecosystem, but I couldn’t help but peek in throughout our walk as I imagined a jaguar silently rippling through the jungle floor. We were hoping to make it to one of the magnificent caves or lagoons, but were later told that it was more than an hour’s drive away, so we headed back to the hotel so Anthony, who was feeling tired from a virus he had caught on the plane, could rest.

maya tulum

That evening I was photographing the property and I ran into a member of the resort staff who was interested in how I was enjoying my stay. We began talking and being that I was doing a write up on the property, I had several questions, so we grabbed coffee/tea at the restaurant and chatted quite a bit about the spa’s healing treatments. While learning about the intricacies of the treatments, I recognized that my new friend was in fact a healer himself. I began to tell him that I had come to Tulum to find answers and I was hoping that these answers would surface somewhere in the quiet beauty I was experiencing during my stay.

We chatted for about an hour. The conversation turned into the sort where messages lie deep within the words that are spoken and it remains up to the person seeking answers to realize what is truly being conveyed. I don’t believe the healer even knew that much of what he was saying was speaking right to the many questions and concerns I’d been facing for quite sometime. He told me that he often forgets what he says to people even just a day after he’s spoken to them, but they usually return to him saying that his words were exactly what they needed to hear at that moment.

maya tulum resort

The next morning after meditating on the beach at sunrise, Anthony and I took our usual walk through town and then headed back to Maya Tulum for some afternoon R&R. I was hoping to try a treatment at the spa to see what else I could experience from some of the other healers on the property, but unfortunately with Anthony feeling ill and a friend arriving in town, I didn’t have enough time.

maya tulum resort

I retreated to the beach and walked among the tide pools and rocky outcrop grateful for the clarity I had received by just staying quiet, listening and being in the stillness of such a special place. I realized during my trip that I had been holding on to things that needed to be released. I remembered the importance of surrendering to what is beyond our control and to embrace what is. I often want to make an impact quickly, but what I quickly forget is that things come to us when we are ready. Perhaps I am not ready for all that I think I am or maybe what I am seeking is actually so very close, I just need to hang on a bit more to find it. Either way, what I found at Maya Tulum was the magic I was searching for. It was in every star, every flower, every bird, wave, ray of sunlight and grain of sand.

It was in this quiet space that my heart opened and found what it already knew.

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maya tulum resort

The morning of our last day, I practiced yoga on the beach as the sun peeled off her cloudy covers and began showering the earth with warmth and light. I thanked the welcoming, kind staff for taking care of me and my husband and I made one last wish as I grazed the fringy fingers of a palm tree with my hand before leaving the magic of Tulum.

maya tulum


Highlights of Maya Tulum Resort

  • The resort offers two yoga classes per day ($15 per class) to guests
  • A new chef had recently come on board to improve the restaurant’s overall dining experience. We found the food to be clean and healthful with the buffet offering an abundance of fresh fruit, warm soups, delicious salads and a variety of entrees suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • The spa offers plenty of treatments to soothe the mind, body and soul. We recommend trying at least one Mayan treatment during your stay
  • The staff is kind, welcoming and helpful

Photos by Anthony Russo

Our stay was partially sponsored by the resort. Our opinions are our own.

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