Gift to Empower: Day 18 – Wintergreen


This holiday season, artist Yvonne Yao, founder of YVIE, has chosen to create unique designs for “Gift to Empower”, 24 days of unique one-of-a-kind daily designs for a cause. From December 1 – 24, 50 percent of all proceeds from Gift To Empower will be donated to Humanity Unified International, a charitable organization dedicated to lifting vulnerable populations out of poverty through education, food security programs and economic opportunities. The proceeds will be invested into a women’s farming cooperative project in Rwanda that will provide health, rights and business education along with all the tools, training and inputs necessary for 100 smallholder farmers to rise above poverty.



Design #18 – Wintergreen


Winter is finally here and the air is starting to feel crisp to the breath.  With Christmas right around the corner, I wanted to celebrate the season with this necklace featuring a pendant made out of a real sprig of Cypress—dipped, copper patinated, and backdropped by a strung chain of faceted Russian amazonite and opalite.  The Cypress is decorated with drops of pyrite and labradorite to resemble frosty dew, and the necklace is adorned with hand hammered sterling silver ornaments.

Length: 20 ¼”

Pendant length: 2 ¼”

Metals: sterling silver



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