jason mraz humanity unified

Won’t You Please Wear Our Shirt Mr. Mraz? Help Us Get Jason Mraz to Support Humanity Unified

jason mraz humanity unified

We at The Culture-ist are big fans of Jason Mraz. OK maybe more like HUGE, OBSESSED, ADDICTED to Mr. A-Z fans. It’s not just his catchy melodies that go so well with beautiful summer days, bright full moons, morning coffee, playing with your cat, LOVE, and getting back to the earth in your garden that made him the man we love, but we also think his mission to make the world a kinder, happier, gentler place is quite awesome as well.

So we need your help. We want Jason Mraz to wear one of Humanity Unified’s socially conscious shirts (learn more about Humanity Unified HERE).  His message of LOVE matches up with our mission in Rwanda because at the core of it all is the belief that one should love one’s neighbor. We want to spread love through our projects across borders and oceans to people that need a lot of love to rise above poverty.

You can Tweet, Instagram and Facebook the following message to help get Mr. Mraz’s attention:

Won’t You Please Wear a @HumanityUnified Shirt Mr. Mraz & help support LOVE for our neighbors in Rwanda? @jason_mraz #humanityunified #love

We have three men’s t-shirts Mr. Mraz can choose from. Please help us get his attention so that we can send him one from the HU collection and bring awareness to the cause. THANK YOU!

I AM Because We Are Tee

i am tee humanity unified

Accomplish the Impossible tee


DBAC Men’s tee

DBAC men's tee



Photo Jason Mraz via Shutterstock

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