This Man Traveled the Entire World Without Ever Getting on a Plane (VIDEO)


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Traveling the entire world may seem like a lofty goal for most, but 35-year-old Graham Hughes made it his reality. However, traveling the world wasn’t enough for him, so he set a goal that would later land him in the Guinness Book of World Records. Over about a four-year period, Hughes successfully visited every sovereign nation in the world without flying. He took buses, trains, boats, taxis, and his own two feet to get him to the goal, and he did this alone and on a “shoestring budget.” In this TEDx talk, Hughes tells about the obstacles and triumphs of his journey, and shares with us interesting stories about the people he met along the way. At the beginning of his talk, he says that his intentions were “not just to set a Guinness World Record, not just to raise money for charity, not just to encourage people to go traveling; but also to prove that it could be done. To prove the world is a lot more open than you realize.”


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