cafe esaias stockholm

Shall We Fika? Five of the Best Places for a Coffee Break in Stockholm

cafe esaias stockholm

By Agnieszka Bielecka

Italians may claim to have perfected the skill of coffee making, and the best flat whites in the world arguably come from Australia, but if there’s a paradise for coffee addicts, it must be Stockholm.

Swedes call a coffee break ‘fika’, or ‘fikapaus’ to emphasise the free moment in the daily schedule. ‘Fika’ generally includes a cup of coffee and a snack: sandwiches or pastries. You can have coffee virtually anywhere around the city, but some places just get it perfectly right. Here are my favourite spots in Stockholm to enjoy a ‘fikapaus’ at any time of the day:

fika sweden

Fabrique Stenungsbageri (Rosenlundsgatan 28) near Mariatorget park on the island of Södermalm is a beautiful bakery and cafe with a laid back vibe and great coffee served in cut glass jars. A must try are the cardamom and cinnamon buns which are Swedish specialties. Bakers in Fabrique mastered the art of preparing ‘kanelbullar’ and ‘kardemummabullar’ and you could easily get used to having at least one every day.

fika stockholm

The island of Södermalm, south of the historic district of Gamla Stan, became a gentrified centre brimming with art studios, design stores, restaurants and nightlife. Coffice (Tjärhovsgatan 5) doubles as a workspace and a café for most patrons. The delicious smell of coffee and the sleek minimalistic interior is a treat, too.

fika stockholm

A few blocks from Coffice is a little treasure where you can find the sweetest additions to your fika. Pärlans Konfektyr (Nytorgsgatan 38) does not belong to Willy Wonka, but it very well could: the little confectionery shop manufactures caramels. Some of their sweets are more traditional, some typically Swedish (try liquorice, I dare you), some rather original, but with no exception they’re all delicious. Pretty wrappings and careful design make Pârlans Konfektyr an obligatory stop during a stroll around the neighbourhood.

fika stockholm

Kafé Esaias (Drottninggatan 102), conveniently located on the main shopping street of Stockholm, serves perfect coffee and a variety of sweet and savoury snacks. You can sit in, or relax at one of a few tables outside, spending the afternoon people watching and hunting for style inspiration.

Not too far away, tucked on the ground floor of an old building on Kungsgatan, stands a true Stockholm institution: Vetekatten (Kungsgatan 55). It’s a maze of cosy rooms all decorated with dusty elegance. Delicious treats baked onsite are irresistible, and along with early opening hours and a mix of old local ladies, tourists and businessmen, Vetekatten is a perfect place for a fikapaus.

vetekatten fika stockholm

Last but not least, there’s Drop Coffee. Like Fabrique Stenungsbageri, it’s located near Mariatorget park in Södermalm (Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10). There, bearded baristas roast the beans and take great care to prepare the best cup of coffee you could possibly ask for.

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