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#LiveOutLoud on Instagram: This Turkish Restauranteur Spends His Days Traveling the Turquoise Seas

liveoutloud serkan

We first met Serkan Tüzün while on the beautiful Turkish island of Bozcaada. We were stranded on a picturesque beach (the last shuttle back to the town center never showed) and we had no other choice but to ask for help. Serkan was the first person we saw walking to his car, so we inquired about a lift back to our hotel and without hesitation he said “of course”.

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It turned out that we all were staying at the same B&B, so Serkan invited us into his suite for wine and a traditional Turkish lunch. He ordered a platter of fish caught that day right off the shore of his room and plenty of appetizers. We were struck by his kindness and the interesting philosophical conversation we shared that lead well into the evening. We learned that Serkan owned a seafood restaurant in Istanbul, the building, which was the home where he grew up, was given to him by his father. The restaurant was experiencing great success, which gave him the time to travel the world, most often by sea.

Four years later, we are still mesmerized with Serkan’s beautiful life (we follow him on Instagram) and are constantly inspired to live out loud each day with passion, love, beauty and gratitude.

liveoutloud instagram

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