Zero Vacation Days in US

The Vacation Equality Project: It’s Time For Guaranteed Vacation in the US

As people in the US travel increasingly more and continue to strive for a better work/life balance, it only seems right that the laws around vacation time for employees set (at least) minimum standards to push companies to provide better working situations for its citizens. Unfortunately, it seems as though we’re struggling in this category and action needs to be taken.

We recently came across the Vacation Equality Project, which aims to put 100,000 signatures on the desk of the White House by August 15 to enact a minimum vacation policy and help the 85 million people across the US that don’t get a single day of vacation.

Check out the below video and graphics (and then support the cause).



The below graphic shows the amount of guaranteed, paid vacation for a number of nations around the world. In short, we’re far behind…

Paid Vacation Days World Map

Zero Vacation Days in US

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