israel and palestine

What if the Situation Was Always This Incredible Between Israelis and Palestinians? (VIDEO)

israel and palestine

Concept of Israel and Palestine photo via Shutterstock

Yuval Roth the founder of Road to Recovery, organizes volunteer drivers to transport Palestinian patients to Israeli hospitals, so they can receive excellent medical care. Yuval’s reason for helping is simple. “If we won’t help them, they won’t get to the hospital.”

In the below video from “Operation Change,” a new series on OWN, Yuval explains that his brother’s tragic death in the Israeli-Palestine conflict propelled him to start his organization. “My disaster, the death of my brother, caused me to understand that we don’t have time. If we really want a real change, we have to every day do something to end the occupation, to make the change,” he says.

To date, Road to Recovery has assisted over 400 Palestinian families. The organization’s volunteer drivers have traveled over 125,000 miles transporting patients and have made more than 2,000 hospital trips (Huffington Post).

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