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4 Reasons Why Nicaragua Should be Your Next Getaway


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  1. False. I went to Nicaragua. We were stopped by two corrupt policemen who took $100 from us. Tried to complain. Were mugged three days later and went home.

  2. Wonder how much the government paid the writer to hide the poverty, crime, corruption, infrastructure, famine and….. I better stop.

    Don’t let the article fool you.

  3. Well, of course that is sort of the thing with “luxury hotels.” They seem to be run for wealthy clientele who don’t wish to see the poverty, corruption, etc. Would that be a surprise for you?
    I can tell you that if you come down for a visit (and why don’t you want to see for yourself?) you will find that this country is very beautiful and the culture quite vividly real. If you want luaus, all-inclusive resorts, and mass consumerist experiences, you probably should not come to Nicaragua. It is a real place with good and bad.
    My rec: Best to get the “soft landing” treatment when you are picked up at the airport, taken to your lodging, and helped along with the rest of your trip from there…and if you don’t forget “todo es una aventura” then you’ll be fine.

    Cheers, @disqus_xswAcfhSqL:disqus

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