DIY: Organic Homemade Makeup Recipes

homemade makeup recipes

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Most women are aware of the dangers of using commercially made makeup. We know there is a ton of crap, many of it carcinogenic, that can damage our skin and cause major problems, such as endocrine disruption and cancer after prolonged use. The hard part is finding products that don’t contain a long list of unidentifiable ingredients. The rule, so I’ve heard, is that there should be no more than five ingredients, all of which are proven to promote healthy skin. So why not try whipping up some foundation, lip gloss, blush, mascara, eyeliner and shadow at home? Check out these homemade makeup recipes and let us know which ones you like best.


Organic Liquid Foundation, Colorful Canary


Homemade Foundation Powder, Thank Your Body

Before I finally said “good bye” to my commercial make up I was wearing a nice (expensive) mineral foundation. And just so you know, there are recipes out there to teach you how to make your own mineral make up and where to get ingredients. And for some, mineral make up is seen to have a lot of benefits.

But I personally still don’t feel completely confident in most of the ingredients. Some ingredients like Mica are common skin irritants. Many contain Titanium Dioxide which I don’t feel really comfortable putting on my face every day. You’d need to do your own research and have a trusted source for quality ingredients if mineral make up interests you. But if your are looking for a homemade foundation that is like your mineral make up, this is a place to start.

Homemade Blush, Live Simply

My homemade blush, which I proudly wear daily, knowing it is good for my skin and safe for my bloodstream is composed of 3-4 ingredients max! All ingredients I could eat if I desired. Ingredients found in my kitchen. No artificial dyes, foreign chemicals, or scientific experiments. I would really prefer my skin to not be a scientific experiment.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics 

Beet Red Lip Gloss

¼ cup beeswax
¼ cup castor oil
2 tablespoons sesame oil
beet juice

Melt beeswax, remove from heat and add oils. Add as much beet juice as desired for color. Store in jar.

Lip Balm

3 tablespoons grated unbleached beeswax
5 teaspoons carrier oil (sunflower, castor or jojoba)
6 or 7 drops essential oil (such as lime, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit or peppermint)
1 teaspoon honey, for flavor

Melt the beeswax and carrier oil together in the top of a double boiler, stirring to combine. Remove from heat; add honey and essential oil. Mix thoroughly so the honey does not clump. To add a little color, stir in a tiny dab of lipstick with a coffee stirrer. Pour the mixture into containers; let sit 20 minutes before covering or moving. For glossier lip balm, use 2 teaspoons wax and 8 teaspoons carrier oil.


Homemade Mascara, Thank Your Body

My first attempt at homemade mascara wasn’t very impressive. It worked, but it the results were so subtle that it didn’t seem worth the time. I played around with the mixture, added in some beeswax, and am much happier with what I now have. I can’t call it “water proof,” but I haven’t had any unfortunate raccoon eyes… even after a sweaty dance class. (You can always add more beeswax than what I have in the recipe below to get more of a thicker, waterproof mascara.)

This homemade mascara does a great job darkening, separating, and conditioning the lashes. And my eyes feel so much better using it! I probably won’t be asked to model for Maybelline anytime soon, but I think it does the job nicely. 

Eye Shadow/Eyeliner, Yum Universe

Even though almost all my products claimed naturalness, it wasn’t really so. See, horrifyingly, beauty products aren’t regulated by the FDA which means that anything goes, including known carcinogens and ingredients that react with others (including your skin) to create formaldehyde and other evilness. Even if your product claims to be natural, and all ingredients are a-ok, if it lists “fragrance,” beware. “Fragrance” is protected by trade secret laws and the ingredients (usually dangerous) aren’t disclosed to the companies buying them for their “natural” products. Le sigh. Another reminder that keeping it simple is the smartest, and safest, way to go.


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