Beignets new orleans

New Orleans InstaGlimpse: Beignets, Enclaves and All that Jazz

Beignets new orleans

By Caroline King

While many people think traveling to New Orleans in February for Mardi Gras is the optimal time to visit, late April and early May is also a prime time to go because of the historical Jazz & Heritage Festival. This music festival encompasses a range of different genres and styles; a collection of music that is intrinsic to New Orleans culture as a whole. Check out the images below to see the festival and the goings on in the Big Easy during this time of year.

In addition to jazz, festival goers will also be treated to bluegrass, Cajun, country, R&B, Latin, folk, gospel, rap, Afro-Caribbean, and more. In the past, the festival’s main focus was on local artists, but due to popularity over the years, major acts from all over the world have since performed at the festival.

new orleans jazz fest

axsthefest shows us a local musician performing at the Jazz Fest.


new orleans jazz fest photo

eboltphotog shows us a vibrantly dressed festival goer.


new orleans Jazz Fest performer

A fantastic shot of a Jazz Fest performer, courtesy of ryanfranklintits.

young Creole performersA group of young Creole performers, taken by mauxfo.


While most festivals only have standard “carnival food” available, the Jazz Fest has a policy in place where the food vendors are from local restaurants, serving up traditional and authentic New Orleans cuisine.


Louisiana classic: crawfish boil. allison_ame shows us a Louisiana classic: crawfish boil.


Catfish Amandine served with potatoA close up of Catfish Amandine served with potato salad, courtesy of tdavidray.


Beignets and café au laitBeignets and café au lait, both New Orleans’ staples stemming from the influence of the French colonization during the 18th century. Photo by vtj673.


While visiting the festival may be the main attraction, it’s not a trip to New Orleans without exploring and discovering what else the city has to offer.Music is an integral part of New Orleans year round, and leading up to and during the Jazz Fest, there are many other music-based events and attractions going on around the city.


young musicians filling up the street new orleansA beautiful shot of young musicians filling up the street while performing. Photo by frankrelle.


percussionists new orleansA great shot of a percussionist taken by mauxfo.


The French Quarter is always bustling, but it’s much easier to navigate and explore without the Mardi Gras festivities.


view of the French Quartermichaelpollard gives us a vibrant view of the French Quarter.


cafe in the French QuarterA peek into a cafe in the French Quarter, courtesy of tararae1907.


stage new orleans

An empty stage awaits its performers in the French Quarter. Taken by david03250.


Many travelers are intrigued by the voodoo culture of New Orleans, making the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum a great place to experience and learn more about this mysterious practice.

Voodoo museum french quarter

erinporter99 shows us an array of voodoo dolls on display at the museum.


New Orleans Historic Voodoo MuseumA close up of a decorated skull at the museum, taken by elsol25.


Exploring the historic Garden District neighborhood is a great way to take in the unique homes of New Orleans, from the breathtaking villas to small, rustic homes.


home in the Garden DistrictA gorgeous home in the Garden District, photo by likewaterfalls.


home in the Garden District.spencer_edwards_ shows us another great home in the Garden District.


Also located in the Garden District is the historic Lafayette Cemetery, which makes for both a beautiful and eerie way to learn more about the history of New Orleans.


Lafayette Cemeteryhousealwayswins gives us a shot of the iconic above-ground graves commonly seen at the cemetery.


Oak trees draped in Spanish moss is synonymous with the American southern lifestyle, and there’s no place better to view them than in City Park, as it holds the world’s largest collection of these beautiful trees.


City Parkvanessabrunner gives us a wonderful sampling of what to expect when visiting this massive urban park.


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Feature Photo by Chung Ho Lueng

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