J crew elephant t shirts

Tiny T-Shirts to Save the Elephants

J crew elephant t shirts

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Three words: orphaned baby elephant. That is all you need to know about J.Crew’s sweetest t-shirt, designed by Brooklyn-based illustrator, Hugo Guinness. As part of their Garments for Good initiative, 100% of the net proceeds will go towards our friends at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, who since 1977 have protected Africa’s endangered elephants from poaching and extinction. Through its Orphans’ Project, it has rescued, hand raised and rehabilitated over 150 infants, caring for them for up to 10 years before reintroducing them to the wild. We find it so appropriate that J.Crew chose to design a kids’ tee, since in addition to the 30,000 elephants that are tragically poached each year, the other victims are their babies.

It’s a nice idea–kids helping kids.

Elephant Orphans MM7913

What better way to introduce a child to a life of conservation. Staffer Katie Losey Battle’s 5-year-old niece, Atlee, digs the J.Crew shirt’s coziness but also sports it as proud foster of Kamok, a tiny calf rescued by the DSWT when she was just a newborn. In fact, Atlee’s parents sponsored the enchanting elephant in honor of her preschool class–and the kids, with the guidance of their teachers, are taking ownership of the cause and it has been made the focus of the entire year’s curriculum.

Atlee drawing Kamok

Atlee constantly comes home with thoughts about Kamok and her elephant friends: “Did you know a baby elephant weighs as much as Daddy?” “I want to go to Africa to meet baby Kamok!” “I’m happy good people saved my elephant! I want to say thank you.” “In Africa, they have elephants in their backyard…not squirrels!” It’s never too early to instill a love and respect of wildlife into a child and J.Crew’s t-shirt is a HUGE win–and while you are at it, why not pair it with a gift of fostership and well, why not an African safari to truly appreciate these charismatic creatures at their best–in their home with their loved ones (which is on Atlee’s calendar for July 2014!).

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You can purchase the adorable KIDS’ DAVID SHELDRICK WILDLIFE TRUST ELEPHANT TEE for $29.50 on the J. Crew website here and as of today they are in the every Crewcuts. Don’t forget to scroll down to read the exclusive J.Crew interview with our friend and elephant ambassador, Jackie Cittone Magid, and learn about her honorable work with The Bodhi Tree Foundation’s S.A.F.E. Campaign here. To learn more about our longtime relationship with The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, please click here.

Atlee in J Crew Shirt


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