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What’s Brewing in Europe’s Coffee Capitals (INFOGRAPHIC)

What’s Brewing in Europe’s Coffee Capitals (INFOGRAPHIC)

Want to know what’s brewing in Europe’s coffee capitals, Paris, Rome and Barcelona? This infographic will tell you where to go, how to order and the best ways to navigate the cafe scene when it comes to coffee in these caffeinated cities. (To see where the suggested cafes are located scroll below the infographic to find interactive Google Maps).

European Coffee Capitals infographic by HouseTrip





  1. Thanks for the infographics, they look fantastic! I am travelling to Paris regularly and will take note of your tips.
    If you ever think of turning your post into a series of European coffee capitals, let me know. I run the Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations in …guess where… and will be glad to help out.

  2. Pretty interesting how the coffee stranded in Europe and that Venice can be considered the epicenter of the “bean boom”! Especially the first part is pretty interesting and I just was dumbfounded when I took a look at the complete list of coffee consumption per capita which is pretty much Scandinavia-dominated with Finland quite leading the way… surprising!

  3. Great how you put this together. Love the infographics even more so because the information is actually practical too. However, Berlin really needs to be on your next coffee map of Europe (assuming you don’t want to cover the UK). Unlike most cities in Europe, Berlin has caught onto the “third wave” of coffee. So too have London and Edinburgh. But outside of the United States, Australia, and to a lesser extent New Zealand and Canada, third wave coffee is still an emerging art form. Actually, we were pleasantly surprised to find third wave coffee in Cape Town, too.

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