finding your purpose

8 Daily Practices to Stay Focused on Achieving Your Purpose in Life

finding your purpose

By Maria Russo

If you are someone who has identified your purpose in life, you may be frustrated by the failures, setbacks and time it takes to obtain your goals. Finding the success you have your heart set on requires dedication and discipline, and often it may seem like the path you are following is leading down a “Wrong Way.” The key to attaining anything that is worth pursuing is to stay focused and to live each day mindfully working throughout the journey.  These eight practices, if included into your daily life, will serve as constant reminders and affirmations that will keep your mind and heart searching until you meet your purpose.

1. Write Down Your Intentions

Every night, or in early morning, write down your goals in a journal. This will send a message to your brain and subconscious that these items are what you need to keep working towards.

2. Meditate

Even if it’s only for a few minutes a day, spend some time envisioning yourself doing whatever it is you wish to do with your life. Whether it be humanitarian work, journalism, teaching, or an entrepreneurial endeavor, visualizing is an excellent way to affirm your goals.

3. Talk to a Mentor

It will be a lonely and unproductive road if you try and accomplish things on your own. Find someone who has already done something similar to what you are looking to do and kindly and humbly ask if they will mentor you.

 4. Practice Yoga

Other than the obvious benefits of yoga, many people have expressed that once they began practicing, their purpose in life became crystal clear. It is believed that the moving meditation element of yoga allows your mind and your subconscious to connect, bringing the things you yearn for most in life to the surface.

5. Give Back What Your are Given

Put good karma into the world by helping others in the same manner others have kindly helped you. A continuous flow of positive actions will keep you moving forward on a sometimes bumpy path.

6. Kick Out Negative Thoughts

We all have that little inner voice that is berating, condescending and a total confidence killer. Kick it out. If those thoughts begin to surface, don’t feed them, instead begin thinking about the myriad things you are great at. Positive thinking will empower your aspirations.

7. Learn

Spend time each day learning: whether it be through a class, a TED talk, a seminar, or a community event, the only way to be better each day is to embrace new knowledge.

8. Be in Touch with a Like-Minded Community

Having a support system of like-minded people that you can turn to daily for collaborations, advice, friendship and sharing of ideas will fuel your passion and keep the intensity to live out your purpose alive each day.


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